Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sexy Snippet: Mary Contrary

Today, we have a sexy snippet from the novel Mary Contrary

Note: If you don't have a massive screen like mine, then just press on the image to better read it.

Here's the Trailer

About the Author

Her name is M Jet.  She is an artist and Author.  

Her first full length novel, "Mary Contrary" is soon to be released by Crushing Hearts and Black Butterflies Publishing. 
She has other sinful publications available on Amazon.  

M Jet writes short stories and novels of a dark nature.  Usually some paranormal element, sometimes erotic!  Some of her currently published works include, "Mojo", "High on Her", "Death Wind", and "I Killed Collette."

She's spent years and years hiding herself away from the world.

But now she is ready to waken...

And she has a lot to say.

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