Thursday, August 22, 2013

ILL ART: Miami Art Walk for August

Every month I go to Miami's 2nd Saturday art walk with my hubby and see the most amazing things. Lot's of it is just inspiring, while some of it is. . .huh? 

Either way, here's the ILL ART for this month.

Morbid Reality meets Pop Art.

Old Bruce Lee

Old Marilyn Monroe

Afrocentric Fantasy

When I saw this I considered a new urban fantasy series. . .if I have time it may work out.

Unusual, yet Interesting Art

Vending Machine Dictators 

Freaky cool

Unusual Performance Art

Same Performance Art Piece

That's it for now. There were a lot more fascinating pieces, but these were my favorites. 

Be sure to return next month for September's Miami second Saturday art walk preview.

Most cities have art walks. Do you go to yours? Are there any awesome pieces that you've seen? If yes, send them to fantasy floozies so we can check them out.

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