Wednesday, August 14, 2013

New Adult Book Cover Trends

From time to time I like to look at book covers and wonder what image seems to grab book buyers attention. So here's my personal analysis of New Adult book cover trends for August!

These are all books from the New Adult Romance Bestsellers' List.

You just going to walk around like that? Yummy!
I would love to see if he's wearing any undies.

This stock model is seen a lot, but I'm not complaining.

What's he so sad about?

It seems one Hot guy is enough to sell a book, and preferably a guy with no shirt on.
 (I know I tend to hit the buy button for a sexy one. DON'T JUDGE ME!)

Dramatically taking off his shirt Hot guy!
Dramatically looking off into the
 distance with no shirt hot guy who
says in an endearing tone, "Why
oh why can I not find any love?"

Looking at me and
creeping me the hell out hot guy.
Looking at me and SO NOT creeping
me out. . .I'm down for whatever is
OFF the Record too, Baby!

 There seems to be some authors and publishers that are starting to branch out with the book covers for New Adult. I'm wondering if it's due to readers not buying the same ole ones anymore or pubs just tired of the same ole thing.
As I did my search for this
blog post, I saw this cover and grabbed it!

This is one of my all time favorites, so glad
to see it back on the bestseller's list!

I heard this series deals with
a girl in an abusive home. I don't
know if I'm reading for this one.

This goes to show that sometimes
it isn't all about the book cover. Sometimes
Readers by the book because it
rocks. And this must rock because the cover
sucks Elephant Balls.

I think this one is captivating.

I actually read this book and
gave it 3 strong stars.

Additionally, I feel like if your name happens to be H.M.Ward. . .then it really doesn't matter what your cover looks like. Check out all of her books that made the New Adult Bestseller's list in August.

I admit that I did enjoy the
series. I stopped at 4 and have been
meaning to catch back up with it.


That's it ladies and gents! We are done with New Adult Bestsellers' list book covers for August.

What was your favorite cover this month?
Which one sucked ass?

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