Sunday, August 18, 2013

Book Review: Magic Rises (Book 6 of Kate Daniel's Series)

I won't do spoilers! 
I'll just be so annoyingly vague to the point you (who haven't read the book) will feel stupid (which you should for not reading the book. . .Alicia W Brewster!)!

Before I get into my FANGIRL FRENZY. Let's do a moment of silence for someone dear to my heart who passed away in this book!

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The person who passed away brought such great entertainment to the stories, and was one of the most unique characters in the urban fantasy genre.

                       You will be missed!!

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I loved this book. Was it the best in the series?

Gosh, I really don't know. I tend to masturbate to them all pretty equally. 

I will say there was a bit of drama in this one. Curran and Kate's relationship was tested several times to the point where Kate's Pimp Hand itched a whole lot.

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There were loads of interesting magic!

Hoards of great fight scenes!

And the funny. . .

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Oh there was tons of funny! Check these lines out:

"When a joke flies past a sulking werejaguar, does i make a sound?"

"I'd signed six things and my stack wasn't getting any smaller. It was like the paperwork was breeding while I worked."

or this scene..

"Is it poisoned?" Saiman asked.
"It's Saturday," I said. "We only serve poison during the week." 
"Yes, we're not complete savages." Curran sat.

So to wrap things up. . . 

I laughed, cried, orgasmed, got pissed off, jumped in victory, cried some more, screamed, and then fell into a state of depression because the book had ended.


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