Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Book Trash May Be Your Book Treasure?

The more a person reads, reads, and reads, the more the person hits a couple duds on the road.

Some months you might hit nothing but duds. I mean you're reading the book and you're like. . .

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But then I go to the book's Goodreads page and people are like:

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So what does that mean?

Clearly that other people are wrong, and I am freaking right! But even more important, it means that what I may think is utter garbage may very well be someone else's most prized possession.

So here's my trash for this month and perhaps you find some books that you may want to read out of the pile.

WHY TRASH: This just didn't catch me. The premise was great and fun. The main character basically does mediation for mystical creatures. Many of them are dragons. The writing was good. I just didn't care. I was in the mood for something dark and at the time this was really light and humorous.

Why Trash: This book was just hard for me to read. I get into lots of books so it's not that I'm illiterate or anything. . .I just struggled with getting into the story. The world was amazing. . .the stuff I could understand, but. . .I just had to dnf it.

Why Trash: I just dragged through this book. If I hadn't been made to read it by authors Alicia, Megan, and Dara for the Fantasy Floozies book of the month discussion, I would have DNF'd much much earlier.

Why Trash: This book just makes me too damn sad. It's Megan Hart so of course it is beautifully written. She just has that way of writing that makes you think so deeply about things, but it was just too sad.

The heroine just depressed the shit out of me, and FOR ME. . .that is HUGE! I love dark erotic romance. . .but this was just more Sad Erotic Romance. She just was depressed, feeling old, and like she'd wasted her life in a marriage that was too me, not bad at all.

Why Trash: I just wasn't able to get into the story. It just started off like any New Adult or Young Adult novel to the point where it felt really predictable and even boring.  

Well that's my list. What are some books you think are trash, but may be treasures for me or anyone else?

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