Saturday, August 10, 2013

Top 5 Fantasy/ Scifi Movies That Should Be Out Now!

Those that know me well, know that I'm a huge FOODIE (person who actively seeks out diverse restaurants, tries amazing meals, and then orgasms in the restaurant)

I'm ALSO a big MOVIE BUFF (person who rubs their genitals on movies that rock their world)

Right now, I'm going crazy out of my mind as I wait for some movies to come out. 
These aren't just ANY type of movies. . .

These are the Holy Grail of movies. 


1. Rise of an Empire
The movie 300 rocked. How could this not rock? There's just no freaking way!

2. Thor: The Dark World

Yes. I know the first Thor didn't rock, and Avengers sucked. Yeah. Yeah. I said it! Avengers SUCKED BALLS! I don't care who knows. However, I believe this movie will be so freakishly great it will help me forget that I spend money on those earlier films. Check out this crazy trailer.

3. 47 Ronin
I won't lie to you. I was initially afraid to see this movie after realizing Keenu Reeves is in it. I mean seriously. . .he can't act. . .or move his face in other expressions besides that neutral one he does to seem really really endearing, but any way. . .the action looks freaking amazeballs!!

4.  Ender's Game
I don't tell many people this because I don't want to lose my Sci-fi Geek card, but. . .I never read Ender's Game. However, after this trailer I MUST SEE THE MOVIE!!


5. Riddick: Red Band
I may be the only person on earth that loved the first Riddick movie. I'm so so so excited to see this next one and glad they ended up doing it.

So I'm sure I missed some really really great ones! 
What is a Fantasy/Sci-fi movie you've been excited to see? 
Are you hyped to see any of the ones I've already listed?


  1. First off I disown you for the Avengers thing. You just didn't like it because there was no sex!

    Second, I loved the first Riddick movie. In fact I just watched it again the other day. And while this one looks almost no different the Pitch Black, I will still go see it. Why?
    Because I will never get tired of the, "stuck on a planet, and now we are eaten by monsters"

    Third, I hated the movie 300! (that was for the avengers. :) )

    1. First-- your taste in movies suck!

      Second--Riddick better be having sex in this one!

      Third--see the first answer!


    2. First, the Avengers was awesome. Kenya has know idea what she's talking about, and Jackie is right on that point.

      Second,Pitch Black was also awesome, significantly better than the Chronicles of Riddick. (I actually don't think you're in the minority on this point, Kenya. Pitch Black was made before Vin Diesel was a big deal, but most people I've talked to who watched it enjoyed it.) And I'm thrilled they're taking it back to that place with the third Riddick movie.

      Third, 300 was also pretty awesome. I'm sorry, Jackie; you are just wrong.

    3. First, I'm gonna need you to shut your trap Alicia!!

      Second, shush again.

      Third--You rock for agreeing with me!

  2. can you insult Keenau like that man? lols! but I'm loving Ronin, never seen this trailer. Riddick, I have a hard for & I will be catching that one. Yeah, Thor sucked balls, but I was okay with The Avengers...the Hulk saved that one. The new 300, I'll wait & see what comes of it :)