Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Halloween Short: Pull Me Down by Kenya Wright

Pull Me Down is a horror romance short that I wrote due to this song that I couldn't get out of my freaking head.

The song is also called "Pull Me Down" by Mikky Ekko.

Any of you ever get inspired to write or create something due to a song? Either way, check out this awesome song as well as my short below.

Pull Me Down

Every night the mermaid appears, floats to the center of the bay, and watches me.
She doesn't move an inch 
or make a sound
not until dawn,
 where she dives into a wave and disappears.

She's watching me now. 
With my wine, I lounge on the edge of the world, 
closer to her than I think, 
enough for cool water to tickle the soft pads of my toes, 
but not enough to fall.

Moonlight sparkles on her emerald green skin. 
Those eyes glow silver. 
They're liquid mirrors encased in beauty.
Her hair flows out and ripples with the water.
I can't decide what color those strands are.
Sometimes I swear it's dark black
others instances blonde.
Right now, it flames fiery red and sears my focus.

The first time she came, 
I tried to talk, but she never responded.
Now we simply sit in front of each other
 and gaze.

The bottle of wine in my hand is a formality,
to make me feel more normal.
I haven't ate or drunken anything since I first saw her.
It's been three days.
I'm not hungry,
not for food or drink.

I stand and shed my clothes.
Those eyes brighten to a blinding white.
It hurts to stare too long, 
but I look anyway,
even while pain burns at my retinas, 
even when darkness eats away at my view, 
until I can no longer see in front of me.

I'm blind.

I still walk forward.
Blades of grass wisp pass my ankles.
Rocks bite into my flesh.
I continue toward the sound of waves crashing against each other,
hoping she'll pull me down at dawn.

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