Thursday, October 31, 2013

My Last-Minute Costume Recommendations for 2013


Are you the only dumb@$$,
that still doesn't know what you're going to be for the Halloween party, tonight?

Don't stress!

I have Five Recommendations for you!

1. Why not be Beetle-juice and his demon lover?

O wait!!

I mean. . .Robin Thicke and 
a twerking Myley Cyrus.

2. Go as a Bad Movie! It's not even hard. Simply wear all black, print out several bad movie posters. 

Here's a few Horrific films, if you can't think of any. . .

3. Pay respects to one of your favorite shows that ended in 2013.

Dexter costume and Victim

Sexy Walter White

4. Go as your favorite book. 
I guarantee you won't be the only idiot. . .I mean person doing it.

5. If you can't be original, then be RAUNCHY!
(Warning to Single Guys: This won't necessarily get you a date with the ladies)


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