Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Muse (Interracial Romantic Suspense) Released!

What happens when Death is the Muse?

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On the first day of her nude modeling job, Elle deals with a corpse, an eccentric dark artist, his sexy brother, and a grandmother that can see someone's future by just touching their hands. Although these crazy distractions shove her on edge, it's just what she needs to mend her battered heart and forget about her ex-boyfriend. Besides, she does get to live in their castle for the whole three months. 

Everything seems magical and perfect. Until more dead bodies are discovered.

There's something going on at night, right in the artist's garden. Under the moonlight, young women are being cut and sliced, and no one has a clue to who's doing it. And the more Elle is around the weird family in the castle, the more she realizes that they all are hiding secrets.

My thoughts:

What happens when Death is the Muse?

This story goes deep into the intriguing world of dark art.

We have a broken-hearted nude model. . .

that begins working for one of the most famous dark artist in the world. She's trying to revive her career, and it seems she's made the right choice of modeling for him . . .

until the dead girls are discovered in his garden.

Did I mention that there's a Hot Brother in this?

Excerpt #1

"I’ll sacrifice for you?” I asked.
“Yes,” Hex whispered. “You’re going to give up something to gain whatever it is you need.”

This was the art world and Hex represented a true artist who saw the world in many layers of reality, so thick that a layer could be yanked away for a few seconds and analyzed like a book.

“Sacrifice.” I curled the word around my tongue and sucked in the bitter taste of it. “Why sacrifice?”

“Because in order to truly be free you’ll have to surrender it all. You’ll have to tear away all of the things that bind you to whatever is keeping you back from your passion.”

Smexy Excerpt

The ocean waves crashed against us. That cool water rose up to our knees. All was forgotten in those sweet kisses—lips gliding against lips, wet tongues twisting and exploring, hungry hands and taunting fingers

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