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Author Interview & ebook Bundle Giveaway: Secrets of a Side B****

As I write this post, Secrets of a Side Bitch is #1 on three Amazon Bestseller's lists and pretty much dominating the African American categories.

$.99 on Amazon

I grabbed it, but before reading. . .I wanted to get to know author Jessica Watkins. So I go on her website and see this book trailer that pretty much intrigues me. 

After that, I had to meet the person behind the bestselling book and jaw-dropping trailer. Check out my interview with Mrs. Watkins, but first get a look at the trailer.

Oh Don't forget to enter into the ebook bundle giveaway at the end of the interview!! The winner can win THREE of her eBOOKS where the book covers are presented in this interview. 

What is the Femistry Series? 

The Femistry series is set in the city of Chicago and follows the lives of Lyric, Tricey, and Victoria as they travel the Windy City and  encounter the road blocks that every urban woman can relate to.  

It is told in the first person narrative from the perceptive of three street smart, sassy, and ambitious women.  

I wanted these novels and its characters to embody the realistic ideal of women in today’s culture. 

Therefore, they are representatives of every woman we know, live the lives of the women that we encounter, and suffer the heartbreak, betrayal, and confusion of every woman that may read this series. 

These novels are fast paced, well-plotted, never give readers the typical “Hollywood” ending, and are an enjoyable read for those that desire realism over irrelevant fiction.

Why does that book trailer rock so much?

The trailer rocks so much because it immolates EXACTLY what the books are about! 

What is the favorite book that you've written and why?

Grand HustleI stepped outside of my comfort zone. I had to do a lot of research to successfully write that book. It had everything; swingers, criminals, escorts, the works!

What would you call the genre you write in and tell me what novels need to have in order to fit it?

I like to refer to my genre of writing as Realistic Fiction. I like to write in a fashion that readers can easily see themselves in the situations in the book and find that they can relate to the characters.

I think its more exciting when a reader can read a book and actually envision themselves in the book because the situations can actually happen to them, not some far out scenario that is just too irrational.

What are some of the authors that have been your inspiration as a writer?

As a teenager, I was inspired by Terry McMillan, E. Lynn Harris, Eric Jerome Dickey, and Sistah Souljah

What's next for Jessica Watkins?

I will release Secrets of a Side Bitch 2 and 3 and the finale of the Femistry Series, which has yet to be titled. 

About the Author

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Author of Urban Chick Lit, Erotica, and Contemporary Urban Fiction... Jessica N. Watkins was born April 1st in Chicago, Illinois. She obtained a Bachelors of Arts with Focus in Psychology from DePaul University and Masters of Applied Professional Studies with focus in Business Administration from the like institution. Working in Hospital Administration for the majority of her career, Watkins has also been an author of fiction literature since the young age of nine. Eventually she used writing as an outlet during her freshmen year of high school as a single parent: “In the third grade I entered a short story contest with a fiction tale of an apple tree that refused to grow despite the efforts of the darling main character. 

My writing evolved from apple trees to my seventh and eighth grade classmates paying me to read novels I had written about kids our age living the lives our parents wouldn’t dare let us”. At the age of twenty-eight, Watkins’ chronicles have matured into steamy, humorous, and realistic tales of women's literature. She hopes that The Epitome of Femistry series will successfully emulate ideal femininity while tackling stereotypes, familiar heartache, and relatable distress in a humorous, sophisticated, and erotic fashion.

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