Wednesday, October 2, 2013

ATTN WRITERS!! Calls for Submissions

So you're writing or have written something, and unsure of who to send it to. . .

Well look no further! I've listed a bunch of Submission Calls below.


Covet’s new Editorial Director, Candace Havens, is looking for fresh, creative, sexy new voices to bring onto Entangled’s Covet line! With a glimpse into what she wants to put on everyone’s must-be-read list, we hope to read your Covet soon.
Special call or not, we are always on the lookout for 50k-70k full-length Covets. We love alpha heroes, tough heroines, and spicy romance mixed in with a little magic. Think contemporary romance with a dash of paranormal. Some of the stories are light, others darker. Heat levels can vary

Regardless, romance is key, as is it being in a contemporary setting with strong category tropes. Some time travel will be considered, but preference is given to stories set in the here and now, or near future.

Some things we’d love to see:
- A great ghost story, but not where the hero or heroine is a ghost!  Just ghostly elements, please
- Gargoyles and other less familiar paranormal beings.
- Contemporary gothic
- Mythologies from other cultures
- Some of our favorite tropes are enemies to lovers, boss/employee, reformed playboy, paranormal military special ops series, ugly duckling, royalty, and I’d love to see a protector trope flipped so the heroine is the bodyguard! Also, we want a fantastic friends-to-lovers story with tons of sexual tension
- A witch book (or books!) along the lines of Kimberly Frost’s Southern Witch series
We can’t wait to see what you send us! Please submit all manuscripts HERE.

General Submission Guidelines:

  • Proven category tropes such as mistaken identity, revenge, one-night-stand, older brother’s best friend, enemies-to-lovers, best friends-to-lovers, bait and switch, matchmaker, sexy protectors, opposites attract, boardroom romance, etc. Bonus points if you combine a few of them into one story!

  • Sexy, capable alpha heroes paired with spunky and/or sweet heroines who come into their own by book’s end. Heroes must be in a high-powered or heroic profession. Think military (current and former), bad-boy billionaires, athletes, corporate tycoons, private security teams, firefighters, police, and small town-boys-done-good. Our readers love variety.

  • High heat level. We do not publish erotica or straight erotic romance (see trope requirements above), but explicit sex scenes and erotic elements/kinks organic to the characters’ sexual tastes are musts. Brazen books are steamy.

The fine print:
Manuscripts should be roughly 45k-60K words in length. We will consider novella-length submissions (15k-40k) if the novella is intended to kick off a full-length Brazen series.
Unless you are an established category romance author querying on proposal, manuscripts must be complete prior to submission.

To submit a manuscript for consideration, please click HERE


Writers of accepted stories will receive a one-time payment for non-exclusive publishing rights. All other proceeds will be donated to Room to Read.

Romance Anthology: Second Chances
Romance writers, we want to hear from you! We’re putting together an anthology of romantic stories about second chances. What that means is up to you. It could be a story about falling back in love with someone years later or maybe finding love after giving up all hope–or something else altogether. It can be historical or contemporary, even paranormal, so long as the story explores the theme of second chances. Sexual situations are fine, but we’re not looking for erotica for this anthology.
Stories will be at least 3,000 words. Submissions close November 1, 2013.

Fantasy Anthology: Urban Legends
We’re currently accepting submissions for a collection of stories based on urban legends that feature kick-ass female protagonists. Put your own twist on the tales of vanishing hitchhikers, Bloody Marys, or alligators in the sewers. Please note that stories must fit the fantasy genre, rather than horror, although dark fantasy is accepted.

Stories will be at least 3,000 words. Submissions close December 6, 2013.

Total E-Bound Publishing

Lasso Lovin’ - Cowboy Ménage Anthology

10K to 15K word count per short story.
Three’s the thrill! Can your cowboys lasso their third? Saddle up ‘n write a story about cowboys finding their lady loves and ridin’ ‘em hard!

Past or present, give us two men and a woman (MMF only) in this anthology.
Heat Rating: Burning/Melting (see our book rating info)

The submission deadline is November 1st 2013 for release in May 2014.
Submit the full story plus synopsis.

When submitting, please enter “Lasso Lovin’ Submission” in the email subject line.

RWA Anthology for RWA Members

“Wrong Number”

Romance Writers of America is organizing an anthology to showcase what the romance genre has to offer! We’re inviting RWA members to submit a story to be considered for inclusion in RWA’s first anthology.

Important Information

Editor: Sylvia Day will serve as editor for RWA’s first anthology.

The anthology will be published by a publisher and offered for sale in multiple formats.

Theme: All stories must be romances that touch on the anthology theme of “Wrong Number” (e.g., wrong phone number, wrong house/building number, wrong dollar amount, wrong hotel room, wrong floor, wrong email address including numbers, wrong license plate, wrong flight number, wrong year, wrong hour, etc.).

Stories must be 5,000 – 7,000 words in length.
Author must have all rights to the work.
The story must not have been previously published.
Stories cannot be prequels or sequels to an author’s existing series. The story may take place in an author’s existing series world, but it must stand alone.

Stories must fit in one of the following categories:
Contemporary Romance
Erotic Romance
Historical Romance
Inspirational Romance
Paranormal Romance
Romantic Suspense
Young Adult Romance

Authors will license the right to RWA (stories will be donated) for their story to be published as part of the anthology. The license will be for a specific period of time, after which time the author can publish his/her own story. Royalties paid to RWA will be used to fund programs and services.

Authors interested in applying to be part of the anthology may fill out the submission form and submit their stories from August 26 – October 15, 2013. The form can be found here: (member log-in req.).

Please fill out a separate form for each story.
Authors will be notified of the status of their submissions by November 15, 2013.

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