Saturday, October 19, 2013

Artist created Barbie with Normal Female Measurements

19-year-old female, artist Nikolay Lamm of created the “Normal Barbie.”

Read more about it HERE

I love this!

For me personally, the regular Barbie actually looks like the odd one next to the "Normal Barbie."

For those that don't know, the first Barbie was made by Ruth Handler in 1959.

There has been some controversy over her figure.

What? No way!

It was realized that if Barbie was a real person her measurements would be an impossible 36-18-38 (which is so my measurements). 

"I'm starving. I would get something to eat but my strange calf muscle to thigh proportion causes me to waddle, which takes forever getting place to place. Ken! Where are you!?"

In 1980, the first African American Barbie and Hispanic Barbie were introduced, however, Barbie did have a black friend named Christie who was introduced in 1969 so don't start calling her a racist.


Then there is Ken.

The doll that gave us abnormal expectations of what men and dating would be like. . . .

This picture scares the shit out of me. . . and I don't know why!

Apparently in the real world, a guy won't just let you move and order him around. And he damn sure won't color coordinate with you in lovely bright purples and psychedelic pink!!

So I know what you're asking. . .
Kenya, why should I care about Normal Barbie?

Because it is a long time coming. That's why. 
It would be nice for more dolls to have real woman measurements.

Guess what?

It would be nice to have WAY MORE heroines in Movies and Novels at not only real woman measurements BUT. . .
and this might be tricky

I would love them to act, talk, experience, and react like real women!

I mean if we aren't. . . 

meek little wenches in need of a man's strength while everyone is dying around us. . .

then we're a wife that is usually an unforgiving bitch.

I mean really. Why couldn't she just be nice? He only cooked Meth for like. . .half of the country. She's such a Bitch!

You know what? Let me calm down.
I haven't had any coffee yet. . .I've just taken a discussion on Barbie dolls to the plight of all female worth in media.

I will now step away from the computer.

Enjoy your weekend people!!

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