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Jackie's Top 5 Horror Movies

Artist Jackie Sheats had done illustrations for my Vampire King Series. . .

and she's done some covers for me.

She also sells pre-made covers for $30. Here's a few that she's selling now:

When we're just chatting, she's talking about some scary movie she just saw. So I thought it would be fun to have her give me a list of her Top 5 Horror Movies!

Jackie Sheats
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I was asked to do a Top Five list of Scary/Horror movies, and how could I refuse? Maybe once upon a time I was a romance period movie addict, but NOW I am all about the action and horror. 

This list is no way official. It is just my opinion and based on my own rating system. Basically how long it takes me to get a good nights rest after watching it and if I go back for seconds.

Alright, hold your breath Ladies, Gentlemen, and Sexy screamers!

#5. Feardotcom, I was scared of the internet for a week after seeing this movie. Despite the fear of the internet I still had a sick curiosity to visit the site. After which my level of terror increased. Its not just that this revenge seeking ghost wants to kill you. She freaking terrifies the crap out of you first with your worst fear, leading you to kill yourself in the end. Clever dead girl!

#4. Stay Alive, killer video games! For a gamer this movie is scary. The thought of losing not only your character that took hours to create, but also your own life? Scary, scary, scary. I avoided my Playstation for a day. 

I soon came to my senses and lost myself in hours of game play. The other thing that makes this so scary, is the fact it is based off of a true person. That crazy woman did this stuff for years! Her body count is said to exceed 100 young women, that is just insane! Not enough to keep me away though, this movie has a special place in my nightmares.

#3. Amityville Horror, 
the 1979 movie with the Lutz family. Not the remake with Ryan Reynolds, because there is nothing scary about that sexy body. However; the 1979 movie is another story. 

I saw it when I was a kid and it scared the crap out of me. I had nightmares about that house for days afterwards. You know with the windows that light up and are looking at you. Houses that can stare you down are scary!!!

#2. The Ring, yeah yeah everyone is kind of over the Ring now, but it still scare the crap out of me, mainly because I can't stand the jerky creepy dead walk thing. It is like nails on the chalk board for me. 

Also the fact I lived in a house with a well when I saw this movie, SCARY!! My friends didn't help any, telling me she would come out of the toilet. Who says stuff like that? I lived in the middle of nowhere people! You don't say scary crap to a person that lives in the middle of nowhere!!!

#1. Nightmare on Elm Street, stop laughing!! 

I know this movie has cheesy effects, and most people get a good laugh from the movies. Let me just say this, Freddy scares the hell out of me. Even to this day I can't watch any movie with Freddy's character in it. Not even the Simpson's Halloween Special. Why, you ask? 

Because the thought of something killing you in your dreams while you sleep, that is not right! Dreams and sleeping is suppose to be a restful and relaxing. The one place your mind can run wild in delightful fantasy. 

Not terrifying DEATH!!! For that reason this movie gets placed at the top, even though I refuse to watch it again. I did try though now that I am older and not eight. Still had the same effect. I didn't sleep for over a week! That is no way to live.

There you have it, movies that give me nightmares. Some of which I don't mind as much as others (see #1). 

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