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Tall, Dark, and Deadly! 1st Post for ALPHA WEEK

This week at Fantasy Floozies is all about Alphas! Everyday we will discuss the phenomena of the Alpha in paranormal romance/urban fantasy! Here's our first guest post on this topic! 

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 Guest Post by Tamelia Tumlin

Thank you, Kenya for having me as a guest today. It is an honor to be here and discuss paranormal heroes with your readers.  

What is it about tall, dark, and deadly men that give women a thrill?  Is it simply because they are so deliciously sexy? Or maybe it is because they offer something a little on the taboo side? Perhaps, it is the fact they are powerful beyond anything imaginable and so very Alpha.

Personally, I say all of this contributes to the lure of paranormal heroes, but the main draw for most women is their undeniable strength and integrity.  Paranormal heroes may possess a sensuous charisma that no woman can resist, but he will also have a dark side that could very well be deadly to the heroine if he’s not careful.

For example, in my novella, A Dragon’s Seduction, the hero is a dragonshifter who falls in love with his mortal enemy, a sorceress. This wouldn’t be too bad, except his inner dragon knows she could destroy him and it fights the hero every step of the way. Even to the point of turning on the heroine when it felt threatened. But, as with most paranormal heroes, the hero in my book chooses to protect the heroine at all cost. Even if it means possible self-destruction.

Paranormal heroes have flaws just like any other hero, but they are also confident, sexy and downright irresistible. What makes a paranormal hero so alluring is the fact he has power to do anything he wants, yet he is willing to give it all up to protect the woman he loves.  This is the ultimate rush for most readers.  Women love a powerful, sexy and yes, even dangerous man, but she also wants one who is willing to do whatever it takes to protect and cherish her no matter what. 

My favorite paranormal characters are vampires. Ever since I watched Love at First Bite starring George Hamilton many, many years ago I was hooked. But, this humorous fascination with the undead sexy heroes turned to an attraction for the darker, dangerous brooding types found in Amanda Ashley’s books during my teen years which spilled over into my adult life.

Vampires are a staple of the paranormal heroes, but there are many others that are equally compelling. Werewolves, shifters, even demons as long as they have two very important qualities: honor and integrity.  Not to mention, of  course, an undying (pardon the pun) love for the heroine. So, who are your favorite paranormal characters? Which tall, dark, and deadly hero do you like to read about the most?

Some of Tamelia's Other Books

Tamelia Tumlin sold her first story to Dogwood Tales Magazine many years ago while taking a creative writing course in college. The short story titled "The Traveler" was the feature story for that edition. After graduating college in elementary education, life, a teaching career and a wonderful son consumed most of her time. However, in the past couple of years, the yearning to pen fabulous romantic tales of to-die-for heroes and spirited heroines has taken over. Ms. Tumlin has worked with several online publishers, but she is now writing for Steel Magnolia Press. Juggling motherhood, teaching and writing is a challenge, but one she welcomes to pursue her passion. Her novels range from sweet and sassy to dark and dangerous.

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