Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hero Breakdown: Alpha, Beta, Gamma. . .Delta?

Lately, I've been obsessed with wanting to create a new type of Hero category in paranormal romance. . .Delta.

I know. I know.

WTF is a Delta?

Well, I don't quite know, so I'm hoping all of you will help me!

If you can, comment & give me five great qualities that a Delta Hero should have! (I'll give you a cookie. . .seriously I will send a cookie to your house if I love your five qualities!)

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Okay, back to the Delta.
To be fair, I'll do a breakdown of how I define the other Hero categories (if you disagree. . .Good. . . then give me your definitions and list).


This should be easy to understand if you are a big urban fantasy and/or paranormal romance reader.

This guy is dominant! He rips and tears his enemies into tiny pieces. When he loves, he consumes and possesses his woman. He's also guaranteed to have a huge one (I have not seen an alpha have a little one yet. . .).

He tends to have the urge to say things like Mine! Mate!

Watch out. . .Alpha's tend to mark their woman--biting, draping them in their scent, etc

  • Think pretty much any character from J.R. Ward's series!

  • Barrons from Karen Moning's fever series!

  • Bones from Jeanine Frost's The Night Huntress!

  • MeShack and Zulu from my Habitat series!

My favorite Alpha?

CURRAN aka The Beast Lord!


The Beta is a great, lovable, and dependable guy! Mom's love him! He'll help the heroine fight or find the murder as well as open the door for her. He's perfectly okay with standing in the background as the heroine beats the hell out of people! Shoot, he may even need to be saved by the heroine a couple times.

  • Think Edward from Stephanie Meyers Twilight Series! (yeah I said it! Deal with it. . .he's a freaking Beta not an Alpha.)

My Favorite Beta?

Its a big TIE between Seth and Micah

SETH aka Sexy Writer!
(Come on writers need love too!)

MICAH aka Alpha of St. Louis's Were-leopards


NO I did not make this up!! I swear its real! People call some heroes Gamma!

So this one is a tough one to define, but in my research I've found the Gamma to have some qualities of the Alpha and Beta, BUT also some really undesirable qualities.

It seems that a Gamma hero can be:
  • disfigured, maimed, blind, etc

  • not immediately Sexy like the Alpha. . .it takes some time for the heroine to see his sexy qualities.

  •  has some sort of social or mental disorder

  • may turn many readers off, but in the end was just really misunderstood.

  • has a boat load of baggage

Think "Sick-in-the-head-millionaire" Christian from E.L. James' Fifty Shades series.

Think "Scarred and Eye-patch-wearing" Declan from the Nightshade series. 

Think "Full-body-Tattooed and Guilt-ridden-depressive" Malkolm from Kristen Painter's House of Comarre series.

My favorite Gamma?

Terrible aka My-Simply-Not-To-Be-Fucked-With-Book-Baby-Daddy.

So what is a DELTA???

I would love to create a new hero for the genre. A guy that has never been seen before. . .a breath of fresh air for heroes.

Give me some qualities people!!!!


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  1. Based on your description of a Gamma, I have to go with ARCHER from Firelight as my favorite Gamma. He's possessive and kick-ass (Alpha qualities) but will open a door for a lady, and Miranda can totally kick his ass (beta qualities). Plus, he's imperfect because of his disfigurement.

    I love me some Archer! *swoon*

    1. Yes! Archer is definetly a Gamma! lol!

      Luke is a Gamma too btw!

  2. Christian Gray is definitely an Alpha.

    In the book, he is suave, rich and a sought after bachelor.
    I remember in book 2 (or 3) where he put obnoxious hickeys on Anna because she was wearing what he considered a revealing bikini and wouldn't change her outfit.

    His demons are known to those who know him, but in the public eye, he is the cat's meow.

  3. I think the Delta male is supposed to be socially and psychologically submissive, which doesn't sound like anything I've seen in a romance novel. I suppose Grey had moments of being submissive, as well as Zsadist and Phury even, but long-term, I'm not sure it would be attractive.

    But if anyone can do, Kenya, you can! Fifty words of less--tell us about your Delta guy. :)And what would his perfect mate be like?