Friday, August 3, 2012

Book Cover Model Interview: Jason Baca

Jason Baca is a talented book cover model.

If you're a big reader like me, then you've probably seen his face a few times.

I reached out to Jason to learn more about his experiences as a book cover model. Here's the interview:

1-You've modeled a lot of book covers so many I can't name them all without creating a ridiculously long list. What were some of your favorite book covers and why?

There are so many out now that I can't even keep track myself. And the covers seem to keep getting better and better...The one that really seems to stand out in my mind is a book titled Legacy Found by N.J.Walters. Something about this cover really is flattering. I mean I wished I looked that good in true life :)

2- What is the craziest thing you experienced or did during a photo shoot?

I haven't done too many "crazy" things during a photo shoot. You'd be surprised at how slow paced and professional they are in these studios. There is not a whole lot of moving around or being expressive. It’s all expressionless most of the time so if you are getting crazy, things won't turn out right. The crazy stories you'll hear about come from stock models that do ads.

3- You wrote two books on your modeling experience, Journey of a Male Model and Overexposed. Why did you decide to write the books and are you planning to write more?

I wrote the books because I had not seen ANY books of its kind. You'd be in a book store and see all kinds of books on how to act or do theatre but not a single book on how to model. This is what brought me to writing these. Even though they didn't turn out AMAZING or entirely understandable, I was still happy to write them for others.

4- Are you a big reader? What genre do you like to read?
I am slowly becoming one more and more now. Yes. I used to read nothing more than the Sports page of a newspaper. Then later in life I realized there was more to life than just baseball & football. I read a lot of genres including some of the self improvement books.

5- Where do you see your career in ten years?

That is too far in advance for me to look right now. When things are going as good as they are and I am in that "bubble" currently, I try not to think about that stuff. I'm more caught up in what amazing things are happening in my life today. I can't express how much the romance novel industry has embraced me with all of this.

Jason! Thanks so much for coming on our blog!

Jason Aaron Baca was born and raised in Los Gatos California, were he played baseball for Los Gatos High. While playing ball at the university level, Jason changed careers and began modeling after being discovered by a lab photographer developing wedding pictures.

With a goal of becoming a versatile and sought after model, Jason began doing fashion, glamour, fine art, and even Playgirl modeling shoots. He has also acted, appearing in such movies as "The Demon Within," but he has consistently placed his modeling career first. Now living in San Jose, Jason is currently working on a second book, which details his latest exploits in the modeling business.

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