Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Creating a Successful Blog! Guest Post by Law Reigns

Fantasy Floozie-Kenya:
I'm a big reader of Law Reigns blog. I probably check out a post three times a week. Why? 
She tends to have the coolest topics--"10 reasons why your mother should never write your love scenes" or "How to land author interviews and increase sales."

So I took a chance and asked her to give me some advice on creating a successful blog. This is what Law had to say!

Creating a successful blog comes with finding something you enjoy writing about.

I recommend having three things before you start a blog:

1.       A mission or objective for your blog.

2.       A willingness to connect with others online.

3.       A desire to open up and share. 

A mission or objective for your blog.

I started with the mission of educating and inspiring self-published authors who desired to pursue a successful writing career, not just promoting my new adult fantasy romance Superheroes Wear Faded Denim. With that mission in hand, I choose only articles and speakers who would advance that mission.

Having an objective makes it so much easier to come up with content.

 A willingness to connect with others online.

A successful blog is able to grow a following. Being able to fearlessly dive out there and connect with others online can really help. Sometimes interviews and guest blog postings fall right into your lap.  People will also request you do blog postings for them. Not only must you build connections with people who share similar interests with you, it helps if you blog about something you are already involved in. A soccer mom can blog about the soccer mom experience so much better than someone who is only familiar with the issue through research.

 A desire to open up and share. 

Blogs filled with only facts, statistics, and  news tend to fall short of the point. Do not get me wrong, I like to be kept up on must know industry news. But what makes blogs so much more fun than the daily CNN and New York Times articles is the personal touch.
Do not be afraid to share a little about your goals, your dreams, and your personal life. Talk about how the information you share relates to you. People who are going through the same life experiences will find the stories endearing and inspiring.  

Now that you have the information, you are ready to jump on Wordpress, Blogger, or Joomla and add your voice to the Blogosphere.

Law Reigns has an odd obsession with romance. At the advice of her friends, she gave up the plight of playing cupid in their lives. Developing her own characters to manipulate proved to be more rewarding. After having studied creative writing at the University of Florida, she decided to write Superheroes Wear Faded Denim.

A proud Gator alumni, she based her novel where blood runs orange and blue. She personally invites all adventure druggies and love fanatics to dive into the pages of Faded Denim, a story that transforms a swampy, southern town into a battlefield for life and love.
Connect with Law Reigns at or at

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