Monday, August 20, 2012

SAVE ME SINFULLY Book Review by Kenya

4 Stars Baby!

We have a different mix happening in Save Me Sinfully! Both characters are Angel/Demon hybrids fighting the bad within themselves!

Deacon: Hot, funny, and powerful! He's not letting anyone mess with him. . .and let's face it, he's pretty much an Anti-hero that would mess with the person first. He's been tasked to protect Angela, a sweet, church-going-librarian that will soon meet her demon side.

The book begins with a lot of action and maintains a steady pace the whole book.

Why not 5 stars?

I found the heroine to be a little too. . .how do we say? Nice, clean, and precious in the beginning. I like my heroines raw, cursing, floozies! So I took one star away!

Regardless, this really is a fun romp! Check out the excerpt below:

The sound of running water overtook cruel laughter. Heat and steam drifted from the open shower across the room. All thoughts of demons and evil reflections puffed away like smoke, leaving her entire focus on the magnificent sight before her; the tempting, delicious sight of Deacon, naked under the shower-head.
His broad tanned back faced her, granting the perfect view of that sexy, tight backside now in the flesh. Large hands rubbed his face. A steamy stream slid down the line of his spine. The peculiar hum she experienced earlier ran up her neck.
Yes, Angela…go to him. Not the demon from the mirror, without doubt this voice was different. It was the same soft humble voice that whispered to her this morning. Did the voice belong to her apparent other half? She did not know, and at that moment, didn’t care. Every thought centred on the glorious nude man so close. Not close enough. Heat infused her body, the invasion strange and new, as though an enigmatic thrill mixed with a crazed passion sexually awakened her for the first time in twenty-one years.
Deacon turned around, stunned to see her there. Yet, he did not cover himself, did not shy away. He was all male and proud. Her eyes fell to the large black phoenix tattoo that began near his neck and stopped just past his chest. The stretched out wings covered the front of his upper body, its feathers looked like flames, each tip designed into sharp points. Even on his skin, the image appeared lethal. Beautiful. Her mouth watered in need of touching it, tasting it. Her gaze rose to half-mast eyelids, taut jaw and slightly parted lips. No mistaking the intensity his expression held; deep hunger.

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