Saturday, August 4, 2012

Blood! Vampires! Fangs! Oh My!!

So I'm strolling for novel inspiration because I'm weird like that and ART truly inspires me. Anyway, I see this captivating image:

For some people this would gross them out, but for me. . .I'm in love!
I sat there for like five minutes creating a story in my head. A vampire romance. . .of course! And this is how I came up with my new vampire romance trilogy (Escape, Captured, and Freed) coming out in January through Secret Cravings publishing (pitiful promo.....).

Anyway. . .I continued to browse this artist's gallery!

This guy is some sort of Sick Creative Genius!

Blood and Roses

So I did what I always do. . .I contacted the poor guy and harassed him until he gave me an interview!
My Bloody Angel

Let's meet SAM BRIGGS! Vampire Art Connoisseur and one of my new Artist Husbands!

What inspired you to base your art work around Vampires?
I've always been fascinated by vampire lore (movies, books, etc.).  So about a year and a half ago (as of June 2012), I decided to see if I could create my own.

Vampire Lover

 What are some of your favorite Vampire books? TV shows? Movies?

I'm not really a favorites type of person.  If I had to choose, then I would say the first three books of Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles (Interview With The Vampire, The Vampire Lestat, The Queen Of The Damned).

Vampire Child Claudia

 When did you begin doing digital art?

Adobe didn't release Photoshop for Windows until 1992 (yep, I was waiting for it).  That is when I began to learn Photoshop and create various types of art.
Corpse Bride

Do you do digital art of other fantasy creatures?
I can also create zombies, witches, dark angels, demons, elves, turn people into Na'vi (from Avatar), among others.

 Is this a hobby for you or are you trying to make this into a business?

Madam Web

It's strictly a hobby.  For a long while I was doing normal retouching (people's wedding photos, restoration, etc.) where I would get paid.
Now I'm more into the creation of digital art, rather than fixing people's photos.

 Favorite Vampire ever and why?
No favorite.  But, if I had to choose, I would say Akasha.  Why?  Because she's the queen, baby.  ;-)

Our Lady Lilith

 What is your favorite Vampire art piece that you've done and tell me why?

I would have to say Vampire's Final Death II.

Vampire's Final Death II

This was one of those times when the final product matched the vision I had in my mind before I began (doesn't happen very often).  Everything worked together perfectly, the model stock, texture, blood, and smoke.

SAM! Thanks so much for letting me harass you!! I love your work and will be checking your art gallery weekly!

If you are an Art Hobbyist, Sam actually created a Vampire Tutorial. Here's the link:

To check out more of Sam's amazing work. Go on his DeviantArt site:

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