Monday, March 10, 2014

Top 5 Dark Heroes

Top 5 Dark Heroes

When I wrote Flirting with Chaos, I wanted a dark hero. He needed to be broken and tortured, good more than bad, but definitely bad too. I needed to give the reader this hopeless hero and see if I could convince the reader that he was deserving of the heroine's love.

Creating this guy takes balls. Big ones. I'm sad to say that at the beginning of writing the novel, I didn't have huge testicles. They were just little tiny ones that barely hung low at all and. . .ok that's weird. . .anyway. . .

I read lots of books with dark heroes in an attempt to research ones that were successful in the literary world. Here's my top dark heroes that helped me develop Jude.

Mr. Rochester 
brooding and mysterious. . .rich yet utterly poor in happiness!

Jericho Barrons
The asshole we love to hate! 
Oh God! Yummy!

Travis Maddox
Boxing bad boy that doesn't 
know how to love, but is willing to learn. . .
after messing up a whole lot.

Gideon Cross
Did I say Hot?
What is his bad quality?
. . . he may be a dick.
But he's a hot one!! 
Sometimes that counts.

So yes, he's a human trafficker of young girls.
But if you had to get kidnapped. . .
I'm just saying.
If you had to get kidnapped, I guess it wouldn't be bad if it was Caleb.
Not buying it?
I do need help.

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