Monday, March 24, 2014

Sex Games

Sex Games

A good game lightens the mood in almost any situation. For long-term couples, it spices the relationship up. For the single person, it adds a bit of excitement to the weekend.

What about sex games in a romance novel?

While writing Theirs to Play, I checked out several erotic romances that involved game play in some way. Some shocked the hell out of me. Some were so titillating that my husband was woken up in the middle of the night. . .a few times. 

Either way, here's my top three romantic novels with sex games.

His inhibitions fell away, along with his preconceived ideas of what sensible people did. Here, where each new round of play began, his desires spoke to him in the clearest possible tones.

My thoughts: This is not for the prude. Beware.

"Hold me," he growled against her neck. 
But she was holding him, her arms tight around his shoulders. 
And it wasn't enough. 
He needed more. 
Needed more of her to still the pain building in his soul

My Thoughts: Umm. . .this is a clear example of an Alpha Hero, so much that he may even need a new definition that is greater than Alpha.

Art grabs you like lust—inexplicable and irresistible. You could deny it, but then the unfulfilled desire just ate you up. 

My Thoughts: This is the tamest of them all, but one of my favorites.

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