Thursday, March 27, 2014

Nymphomaniac. . .The Movie

There is nudity in this post. Deal with it.

I just saw Nymphomaniac in the theater last night.

             Holy Smokes! It rocked!

Most movies that handle the topic of sex, due it in a gentle way. . . 

Not this movie....

That being said. . . This was no 50 Shades of Grey nor did it deal with a love story.

The sex wasn't for shock. . .it was for something way deeper than I can even comprehend.

This was ART, cinema art in its purest film. The movie just happened to be about a girl who believes herself to be a nymphomaniac, and not just that. . .

She despises herself.

So the director leaves it up to us, the viewers, to be her judge and jury.

SO let me discuss this more. . .

The cinematography was brilliant!!

Actually from the film

The cast was actually made up of actors that I've loved and respected for a long time.

there were some scenes that just twisted my heart, 

made me cry, or even. . .yes. . .full on arousal because let me tell you something. . .

I've never seen so many penis shots in my life. . .that was awesome, btw. We need more penises in our movies!! Begin the revolution!!

I never wanted to see Shia LeBouf's penis, but now that I have (as well as watched in go in and out of the actress's woo haw), I must say. . .I rather love the actor.

Although Uma Thurman didn't have a big role. . .when she came on the scene. . .she almost stole the whole damn movie away! Heart wrenching moment. I hope she gets an award.

Christian Slater also did his thing. I do love him though!!

So this is the first volume of this character's story. Volume 2 comes out next month and I will be eagerly waiting to find out what happens next!!

5 Stars for Nymphomaniac. Check out the trailer below: 

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