Monday, March 31, 2014

The Polyamorists Next Door

I write books that deal with alternative relationships. Many are polyamourous ones, so it behooves me to research and learn as much as I can about the topic.

A few weekends ago I went to a book presentation by author Elisabeth Sheff on her new nonfiction novel The Polyamorist Next Door.

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After the discussion, I had to buy the book! It was that amazing!

The book is for people who are interested in how other families are raising kids and the alternative ways men and women love.

There's a science to parts of the book where she actually did studies of children, families, etc who were involved in poly communities.

Note the image behind her.

That's the symbol of Polyamory

So what were some interesting tidbits I got from the discussion?

  • Kids of poly relationships thrive like other kids. One of the biggest disadvantages was that there were so many adults around that it was difficult to get over on their parents.

  • Kids also tend to grow up and decide for themselves what they will be--heterosexual, bi, poly, etc

  • There's a large poly community in Seattle.

  • There was some interesting discussion on Race and the poly community. Many blacks found it to be crazy. The few that gave it a try sometimes felt like they were an Exotic Novelty verses Human Being (Black man with big cock, black woman just hot for everyone, etc)

If this is a topic that is interesting to you, then you must grab the novel. I give it FIVE STARS!

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