Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Books That Changed My Life

Sometimes you can read a work of fiction and completely change your whole outlook on life. At one moment, your ideologies are there. At the end of the book, they've jumped way over to the opposite side.

Not many novels have done that for me, but when they do, I rave about them. So here we go with the top five books that changed my life.

I learned that writing the regular erotic romance won't do. I have to dig deeper in my heart and explore my fears and desires like Megan Hart did when she wrote this book. 

It's an incredible read.

This is a masterpiece of mega proportions. The day I finished this novel was the day I stopped taking the rat race to riches too seriously.

Although I wasn't happy about the way this story ended, this novel is the reason why I started writing in the New Adult genre. I loved the addictive quality of the hero and heroine as well as the sort of edge of the seat anxiety in their decisions.

This was so beautifully written. Their were several themes on beauty and love. I really began thinking differently on those topics after reading this.

This book discusses the famous poet Basho who believed that the journey to writing a book was way more important than the finished product. I keep that thinking with me always each time I write a book.

So what were books that changed your life?

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