Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Music Playlist: Vampire King Trilogy

The Music Behind the Madness

Two moons surround a planet that's inhabited by vampires, elfkins, and humans.

Welcome to the Vampire King Trilogy.

Book One
Book Two
Book Three

Sometimes in order for me to write about another world, I have to surround myself around other worldly things.

Since I can't just project myself into space, lounge on a moon crater, and write away. . .I'm forced to discover crazy musical tracks, plug my headphones in my ears, and type away as the most odd things fill my ears.

When I think of Vampire King Trilogy, I think of strange electronica with a sort of an 80s influence.

Probably not what you figured huh? What happened is that the night before I sat down to write Escape, I saw the movie Drive and that soundtrack stuck in my head.

First of all, the Vampire King Trilogy was supposed to be a simple little love story about vampires on earth. Nothing too big or complex. However, as I'm writing. . . suddenly my story is not on earth and these vampires are no where near what I'm used to. . .

The song Nightcall is why my Vampires can shift into a king form that gives them horns and hoofs.

The male voice in the song is so freaking scary, yet hot to me. I kept thinking. . .Romantic Monster. lol.

The song Under Your Spell inspired Samuel and Brie's relationship.

The song A Real Hero really set the tone for all of Samuel's turmoil that he experienced inside of him as he battled with being what he was born to be. . .and what he felt was safe to be.

And that my friends is the continuous sound of music I heard as I wrote the entire Vampire King Trilogy.

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