Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Art of Goodreads Reviewing: Tips from Baba

Floozie Kenya here.

This is a bit out of the norm, but I have a Fan Girl Crush on an artist. 
What art form you ask? 
Well. . .she's a Goodreads Reviewer.

And when I say reviewer, I'm not talking blogger or paid professional literary reviewer. 

Baba's After Ben review

She's just your typical book lover that post books that she loves on goodreads, nothing more, nothing less (well. . .it is more).


Baba's Liberating Lacey Review

She didn't make the GIFs, but she finds the best places to get images and places them in an artistic method.

Baba's Dark Tide Review
And even weirder about my obsession, she has never read any of my books. She doesn't read the genres I write in, so this is not some sort of promo author kiss ass guest post.

Baba's Leave Me Breathless Review 

 It is just that when she does a review I freaking want to hump her and then rush out to buy the book! I've bought almost fifthteen contemporary romances due to her.

Baba's Reaper's Property Review

In a normal day, I chat it up with Floozie Alica and it goes like this:

me: Did you see that review from Baba?
Alicia: Stop obsessing about Baba!!
me: ( I send the link to said review)
Alicia: oooooo  That is beautiful.  :-)

So, finally I said f*** it, and messaged her to give me some tips on her art (so that I can steal and incorporate them on mine. Bhahahahaha!).

So here she is. . . . . .BABA

Thanks Fantasy Floozies for your message and I feel kinda flattered. You know there are no special secrets at all. 

The only thing I can say is:

- Always Be Honest

- Be Passionate in Everything You Do (including writing reviews).

Baba's Breath on Embers review
I know that I write my best reviews for books that I truly loved or highly disliked. I know that I'm not a very diplomatic reviewer because I tell it how I see it and if people don't like my attitude then it's their loss. I don't need to please any author or reader. 

I want to be free to express the way I feel about a book.

- I love beautiful things like classic design/furniture, vintage stuff, black & white photography, architecture, flowers, shoes, g-star fashion, bags, etc.

I have a very good eye for beautiful things and I know what I like and what does not work out for me.
Baba's Exquisite review

Meaning, I don't add gifs at random

I want my reviews to look tasteful when it comes to color and style. Also, the gifs/pics should enhance my reviews, that's for sure. When I'm talking about a hot sex scene in my review then I sure won't be adding a pic that depicts a sweet kitty or flower. 

Baba's Sins and Needles review

Unfortunately though, we are very limited here on GR since plenty of gifs and pics have been flagged lately and I have to be very careful what I'm going to post.

So, maybe that makes a difference too and if not then I don't care either. 

First of all I write my reviews for myself and then I just hope that other people will appreciate them as well.

And last but not least...I love to add quotes. I'm a sucker for great quotes and it will always draw attention to the book. 

I can't even remember where I find the best gifs/pics. 

-All you have to do is use keywords, add the little term "tumblr" and start a search and there you go. 

This is huge. I mean you'll find millions of great pics and the only thing you need is TIME. In fact, you'll need plenty of time because it's very time-consuming to search for pics/gifs.

I guess that's it.


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