Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Guest Post: How I Write an Interracial Romance, by Ambrielle Kirk

I've written more than a few interracial romances to date. 

My first piece of published work revolved around an interracial couple. However, I don't classify myself as an interracial author for many reasons. I appreciate that books are categorized that way so that readers who do have a preference can easily find books and make their choices. 

Here are some points that I keep in mind when writing an interracial romance:

The story that I am writing is a romance, first and foremost. 

Skin color to me is only incidental to the story. People are attracted to each other for many reasons, and yes, sometimes skin color is one of them. But people don't fall in love with each other because of skin color. 

They fall in love with something unique to that person whether it's personality or just pure love at first sight. 

So it is very unlikely you'll find me writing chapters and chapters of the characters thinking about how Black she is or how White he is. They are thinking more along the lines of how good they feel in each other's arms or reminiscing about what they want to do with each other when they're apart. 

The romance should shine through, not the ethnicity.

The story that I am writing must feature "true to life" characters. 

They will never be perfect. They will have flaws, insecurities. They will make decisions that are stupid, and they will make decisions that turn out to be smart ones. This process is all part of life. 

There is a certain amount research that is done on each character. Depending on the personality, I may think about a time when I met a person like the one in my story. I may pay attention to people more as I go about my day shopping

The one thing I detest when reading a small percentage of interracial romances is the stereotype. Not all African-American characters are going to sound ghetto. And just because there is a Caucasian man attracted to an African-American woman doesn't mean he's going to flip the script and act ghetto. No. 

When writing an interracial romance, it's important to base the style of dress, manner, and lingo on that character's personality or lifestyle, not on stereotypes running rampant for their ethnicity.

When marketing something that is clearly an interracial romance, I seek to market my stories to romance readers because my stories are romance, first and foremost. 

The conflicts and triumphs are very much the same one's that we may have all encountered in life, will encounter, or may never want to encounter. These conflicts can be applied to any story whether it's interracial, multicultural, etc.

Not all these points will apply to everyone as each of us have our own goals in our writing, but those are just a few points that I keep in mind when I write any story.


  1. I love the stereotype point. I love bucking the stereotypes because I've rarely met a human being that actually falls into one group or another.

  2. My husband is Asian and I am a southern girl from Louisiana - all kinds come together!!