Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday Comics: Fate's Kiss Episode #1

Starting today, the Fantasy Floozies are providing a free web comic series that moves the story along each Sunday.  Make sure you follow our blog to be updated on new comics.  Enjoy! 

Alania is a slave, and has been since she was four years old. 

She has no memory of her family before then. As a child she would do house work for her master, and take care of the man guests her influential master takes in. 

When she turned 13 her Master started the sexual assaults  and even though she has known no other life she still dreamed of being free. 

At the age of 20 she escapes into the city. While hiding from the men set out to bring her back Alania runs into a vampire who defends her. 

Although everything in his mind tells him to leave her there, Julian takes in the frightened girl and after finding she does not even have a name he offers her the name Alania. He continues to protect her hoping his vampire coven does not find out about him socializing with a human. Or that he has started to have feelings for her.


Such a tease Jackie! lol! 

Make sure you tune in next Sunday for Alania and Julian's journey.

Check out the artist.   Jacqulene Sheats

"I may not know how to do it, but I sure can learn..." 

A motto that has earned Jacqulene Sheats the title Jack of all Trades. Sticking her paws into animation, illustration, game development, and writing there is nothing she won't try at least twice.

The creative drive starting with Disney classics early in life, and fanning the flames with a deep seeded love for anime. She has been chasing a dream to release wild storms of fantasy upon the world one pencil and key stroke at a time.

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