Friday, December 13, 2013

Beyonce's Visual Album & What it may mean for the future

Beyoncé chose to release a visual album because she can see music.

What the hell is a visual album?

Apparently it is. . . 

Fourteen Songs with. . . 

Seventeen Videos

Believe it or not (especially with all these gifs of her), I'm not a hard core Beyonce fan. I do like some of her work and don't like the rest.


At first I rolled my eyes at Beyonce's unique ability to. . .see music. But that was just hating. We all have a bit of hating fluid in us that flows through our veins when someone does something amazing. It's just what we choose to do once the hate fills us.

I decided to shake it off 

and truly look deeper into what she was saying. . .

Seeing Music

Do you see music?

I say sure. We must all see it at times. I have smells and complex memories triggered by a few notes from a song. If I play music while I sleep, vivid and elaborate dreams are birthed.

Music is a powerful thing. 
Many psychologist believe that music can alter your mood from happy to sad, depressed to empowered. Some therapist warn people about
choosing the type of music they play around themselves and their children.

Notes, lyrics, and rhythms can get in our head and breed many things.

It's why I try to stick with songs dealing with sex and positivity. . .because I like being nice and I LOVE SEX!

And this visual album appears to be a smörgåsbord on fun, fashion, art, confidence and sex. . .

But Visual Album. . .

The more I say it the more I'm getting excited about the possibilities. . .

Will more artists do this?

And how can a visual album translate in the literary world?

Whenever an artist does an innovative thing, I look at how I can steal and fix the idea for my own entertainment.

So what about a Visual Book?

Interactive novels exist, not many but a small amount. I've been playing with the idea of making the Santeria Habitat series interactive as well as creating a steamy interactive erotic romance. I just don't know how and believe the cost would be insane. . .

But this visual album is making me reconsider. . .

I think it would be amazing to read about a sex scene and visualize a sensual (done well) moment between the couple. . .

This world is moving forward with people who have stopped being afraid and simply dived into innovation without second guessing the disadvantages that can come their way.

I, myself, am beyond excited for Beyonce, her fans, the music world, and the possibilities for more

Here's a preview of one of her videos  from the visual album

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