Monday, December 9, 2013

Best Man Holiday not it's BEST

I give a sad little C+ to the movie The Best Man Holiday.

 Not even naked, hot Black Men could save it!!

It didn't excel for three reasons: 

One) The writers forgot that the Best Man brand is ROMANTIC COMEDY. WTF was up with all those scenes that made me cry? And yes, I cried, BUT I didn't want to cry.

Two) Everything that made The Best Man awesome was not in Best Man Holiday--suspense, funny jokes, extreme situations, etc

Sure there were a few scenes. . .

but nothing to really make the movie POP.

Three) I just didn't care about any of the characters' lives. I mean was it just me or did most of their lives kind of suck?

And what an amazing cast. . .

Part of me just wanted to say it rocked so I could get more movies with full color casts. . .
but it did suck. . .

and that sucks that it sucked!!!!!!!!!!!!

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