Friday, September 20, 2013

Wildfire Gospel (Book 3 of Santeria Habitat Series): Excerpt #2

I don't think people understand how happy I am that Wildfire Gospel is finished. Of all my book series, the Santeria Habitat one is the hardest to write because the fans are absolutely LOONEY! 

(Yes. I said it! You are!)

Why are they looney?

I think it is because Habitat Readers expect certain things.

FYI, I DO read fan mail. This is what Habitat Fans say:

"conclude the goddamn love triangle!"

"get these supernaturals out of the caged city!" 

"More DANTE please!"

"Stop killing people off or your next!"

"WTF? Stop taking so damn long to put the next ones out!"

"No more cliffhangers. I just can't take it!"

"Don't bring MeShack back!"

"Bring MeShack back!"

"Can we get a sex scene with Prime?"

"What is the Palero?"

See what I mean? Scary! The worst fan mail are the ones that say things like:

"I already know what's going to happen and I'm so freaking pissed!!"

All I'm thinking is. . .oh shit. . .what is going to happen? Tell me! 
Because in the end, I have no idea what is going to happen with each book. I really just sit down and let Lanore do her thing.

That being said, the book is with its second editor, but I'm too excited, so I'm going to put out the second Excerpt for the book.

If you didn't see the first, it's here in my Goodreads Fan GroupHERE .

 (FYI, I post excerpts there first before anywhere else)

Background info to understand this excerpt. . .Zulu and Lanore are trapped somewhere. He's trying to catch a specific scent that will help them pick the right path to get out of there.


Zulu lifted his lip up in a sneer. “You should have let me kill him when I had the chance.”
“I know.”
“Instead, you went over there to him to talk some more and fucking made me insane with worry.”
“It’s not like I have all the answers.”
“You’re supposed to. You’re the smart one.”
“What?” I raised my eyebrows as he walked to the path’s entrance on our right and inhaled. I placed my hand on my chest. “I’m the smart one?”
“Yeah. You’re the one that went to college. You read tons of books and are always spouting off more philosophy than the Prime.” He walked over to the path’s entrance on my left and inhaled that area. “I’ll admit it. You’re the smart one in the relationship.”
I felt weird from the compliment. “And what are you? If I’m the brains, are you the beauty?”
He glanced over his shoulder and tossed me a fang-filled grin. “No, baby. You’re the beauty.”
“Then what are you?”
“I’m death and destruction. I’m the one that destroys, when the brains points. I’m the one that pleases, licks, and thrusts, when the beauty requests it.”
I bit my lip. A sensual shiver hummed through me at the thought of his licks and thrusts. “I don’t think those are all actual designated duties in relationships.”
“It is in ours.”

Stay tuned for the next Excerpt on next friday 9/27. A hilarious scene between Angel and Lanore out on the dance floor of FLAME night club.

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  1. I am actually one of those people who "knows what is going to happen and I am pissed." I'll own it. LOL.