Friday, September 27, 2013

My Writing Space: Barbie Sex, Maps, Candles

I often wonder what an author's writing process and space looks like. 

For the next couple of weeks, we'll be presenting popular authors writing spaces and holding giveaways!! 

Woop Woop! 

Today, I'll start with my writing space and will be giving away a Lavender Basket.

Okay. Here we go.

Let's be mature about this, people!

Many don't know this, but I use Barbie Dolls to act out my sex scenes.

 photo 20130917_074723_zps61d6e6b8.jpg
NO Barbies are ever harmed during this stage of my writing.

 photo 20130917_074742_zps291a11b3.jpg
Sometimes I'm not sure if the anatomy restricts a particular position so I check with my dolls.

But it isn't only just Barbie Sex that helps me really figure out how to write scenes, I disrespect ART too.

Now when I say disrespect it, I'm being realistic about my drawing capability which is pretty nil. 

 photo 5b526a2e-6b2d-439a-a7a8-d994ea6fd583_zps2e1517f0.jpg
Drawing the clothes that characters wear in Chameleon

 photo 20130917_074825_zpsc89e8180.jpg
Maps for Santeria Habitat

Book #3 for Santeria Habitat Series

 photo 20130917_074857_zps85155507.jpg
Painting I did for a current Work in Progress called 
"Of Winds and Leaves"

I also Set the Mood

 photo 20130917_075027_zpsb31c45bc.jpg
Pot of Lavender

 photo 20130917_0753181_zps439ee1b1.jpg
I burn at least three candles as I write.

 photo 20130917_074938_zpsbd0d9513.jpg

I love to keep little inspirational things around me to keep me moving forward.

 photo 20130917_075417_zps91b30739.jpg
For the past two months I've been wearing this hat as I write, kind of like a way of stepping through a portal into my book's world. . .Hey, Don't Judge Me!

Writing References are a must while I write. I'm always stopping and flipping a book open for help.

 photo 20130917_075142_zps3753dc6d.jpg
This is my trusty Six book. If one book goes missing, then I search the house for it and won't even write (unless I'm under a deadline).

That's as wierd as it gets for me! For all of you writers out there, what does your writing space look like? Feel free to send some pictures so I can post them on here! 

For all you readers, what does your reading space look like? 

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  1. My reading space is nice and neat. I'm a little OCD when it comes to my books being in order : )

    1. Ooooo! Do you have candy there? I tend to much on things when I read.

  2. I don't have reading space, usually I read on the sofa or in bed, with my dog beside me. Thanks for the giveaway.

  3. Still laughing about the Barbie sex - not mature I know, but SO funny.

    I read in the family room, so it's kind of cluttered & noisy.

  4. didn't know Barbies could do that

  5. My reading space is anywhere I can lounge or curl up, usually my bed or couch in the family room, with some drinks and some munchies.

  6. Man, I LOVE the Barbies!!! Seeing your pics spurs a rush of creativity in me. Writing space... usually my bed at 3 AM or so, surrounded by my fav books just for encouragement (they're whispering, 'You can do it too!'), a couple cups of crushed ice to chew, and a few pics of heroes/ heroines in costume (they make my characters feel tough).

    1. crushed ice is a great way to lose weight. I think I may have to try that!