Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Book Excerpt: In Training by Michelle Robbins

I have an absolutely awesome new book that I am introducing to my fantasy floozies. As everyone knows, I read everything. This book below is by a good friend in my MFA program at Seton Hill. She's freakin hilarious so I'm pretty hyped to bite into her new book. Check it out the book and read an excerpt!

by Michelle Robbins
Publisher: Amber Quill Press
Release Date: 11/25/12

His life in turmoil due to past unpleasant experiences, Seth Taylor isn't looking to get involved with anyone or anything. He especially isn't looking to train another slave. But the arrival of Abigail --Abby-- Harrison changes his mind. She's a delicious little bit of slave meat, eager to please and learn, and so sweet it makes his teeth ache. Although the complexities and unpleasantness in Seth's life aren't going away any time soon, the temptation Abby presents to him is irresistible.

A Master/slave relationship has always fascinated Abby. The idea of being owned by a dominant male is both terrifying and alluring to her, yet stirs her mind and body into a white hot heat. Taking her courage in hand, she makes an appearance at a local BDSM event at the invitation of her friend Liz. There she meets the sexy, enigmatic Seth Taylor and is given the chance of a lifetime--to make her fantasy come to life and to be possessed by The Master.

Will Seth and Abby let their respective fears deny them Fate's gift of a perfect match?

IN TRAINING is a exploration of one woman’s journey into internal enslavement in the consensual BDSM scene of Master/slave dynamics.


Seth watched the girl across the table from him. He liked what he saw.

The desire to conform, to be a peacekeeper, was the hallmark of a good slave. That willingness of spirit, that sweet desire to please, couldn’t be trained in. A slave either had it or didn’t have it. Trying to force the point led to a wealth of shit and misery. Since her arrival, this girl had displayed warmness, generosity, and a kind heart, all of which told him that she’d make an excellent slave one day.

This girl’s eagerness to please would make his job all the easier.

Except he didn’t train slaves anymore.

Seth had a flashback of her face as she’d taken her first bite of Liz’s dessert. She’d closed her eyes, her face flushed with delight and a purr in her throat. His dick had twitched in a way it hadn’t in a long time. He’d sworn to himself he’d be balls deep inside her the next time he saw that expression on her face.

Except he didn’t train slaves anymore.

He rose to his feet. “I must be off. Enjoy yourselves.”

“It was nice meeting you,” said the girl, a sweet look of disappointment on her face.

He’d managed two steps from the table before the adamant itch in his blood became impossible to ignore. Returning to the table, he stopped beside the girl—Abby?—and pulled one of his lifestyle cards out of his wallet. He set it down near her plate. “If you have any questions regarding slave training, feel free to email me.”

She smiled at him, making him blink against the pull.

“Thank you,” she said and tucked the card into her purse.

She missed the concerned exchange of glances between Liz and Mike.

Seth did not…

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