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Excerpt from Guardians Angels

Guardian Angels (Book 1)
by Andrew P. Weston


In a series of terrifying events, otherworldly beings intervene to save innocent lives. The world community reacts with relief as they realize that angels may in fact exist, and they are diligently protecting us.

But there are those who would seek to stop what they feel is a threat against their livelihoods. How far will some go to battle the Guardians? Is the fairy tale over before it even begins?

Guardian Angels is a powerful and compelling story about the catalyst that has the power to unite society in the hope for a better future. The spark of hope is fragile—can it last?


Holding Room 2 – Angel Project

Little Becky Selleck had eventually fallen into an exhausted sleep in

 the early hours of the morning, dreaming of home and her mommy.

In her dreams, she was in the safety of her warm and cozy room,

buried under the quilt, half asleep. She was waiting for her mother to

 wake her as she did every day, coming up the stairs projecting

 thoughts of love and security, humming the tune from the radio in

 her head.

Telepathically and out loud, she would come into the room and say,

“Now where’s my Becky today?” She always made a point of

 standing in the doorway as if she was searching every corner of the

 room with her eyes.

Looking at the moving mound on the bed, with the quietly giggling

 child inside, who was trying to shuffle into an even smaller ball, she

 would say, “Oh, she’s not in bed, it’s just the quilt.”

Becky’s mommy would walk over to the bed, get on her knees, and

 look under it. “She’s not hiding under here, either. I know, she’ll be

in the closet and will try and jump out and scare me. Well, it won’t

 work today because I know where you are, and I’m going to . . . .”

Throwing open the closet door, she would feign further surprise.

 “My, my, she’s not here. Oh dear, I suppose I will have to eat her

 favorite breakfast for her. What a shame—she sooo loves

 Wheatyflakes as well. Never mind, if I can’t eat them, I can always

 give them to Barney next door.”

At the mention of Barney, the neighbor’s very fat and affectionate

 dog, who loved having Becky give him tummy tickles that lasted

 forever, Becky would usually leap out from under the quilt. “Here I

 am! You never find me!”

Lately, she had taken to using her new gift by moving something

 small on the other side of the room with her mind, making it go


Mommy would play along and say, “I heard you, now I’ve found

 you.” She would look and exclaim, “Oh, she’s not here. I know—it

must have been a mouse wearing Becky’s shoes. I do hope the mouse

 asked Becky first?”

One time, Becky even made the quilt jump into the air as she

 revealed herself, much to their delight.

She would miss mommy, she would miss being woken by her

 thoughts, and she would miss her cuddles . . . .

Becky? A voice said.

Still half asleep, buried as usual under the quilt, Becky tried to hang

 onto the dream of mommy and home.

Becky, where are you, little one? The same voice spoke again; it was a

 man’s voice.
Go away, you’re making mommy disappear.

I’m sorry, but I can’t go away, your mommy wanted me to come and find you.

Becky suddenly became wide awake and went very still, realizing she

 hadn’t actually been speaking, just thinking, and that the man’s voice

 was not a voice at all, but only inside her head.

Hello? She whispered with her mind, not daring to move.

The same warm mind replied. Hello little one. Who’s been a very good girl,

 then? Who did exactly what mommy said and kept herself safe until someone

 came to take her to her new home, a special home?

Not daring to reply, Becky suddenly remembered what her mommy

used to say to her over and over again when they were together.

“Darling, if ever there’s a time when I can’t be with you, remember

never to trust anyone who can’t speak to you in the special way I do.”

At first, the little girl had been confused by her mother’s caution.

 “But why won’t you be there? Why would you leave me alone?”

Mommy would always reassure her. “I wouldn’t want to leave you,

 my darling, of course not, but this is important.”

Gradually, over time, Becky had come to realize that mommy was

just being very careful. Mommy was special like she was, and she

 wanted to make sure that Becky would always be safe if there ever

 came a time when she couldn’t be there. Safe from others who

 couldn’t do the things that they could.

“Where are the other special people?” she would ask.

“They are everywhere living in houses like you and me. Some very

 special ones live all together in a big home.”

“Well, why can’t we live there?” she would ask, employing a child’s


 “Well, mommy nearly did when she was younger, but she was just

going to get married to daddy, and so we ended up living in our own

 house. And now, I like living here, and I like it you have all sorts of

 friends at school, and mommy has her friends at work.”

“Aaah, but the people here are not special like us, so we have to keep

 it secret from them. So couldn’t we live there now?”

“That would be lovely, but it would mean leaving behind the friends

 we have here, so I thought we would wait until you’re a bit older.”

“Then we’re going to go and live with other special people?”

“Hopefully, yes. But until then, we have to stay secret. And if I ever

do have to go away, do you remember what I told you?”

“Yes.” Becky would reply in a serious tone. “Be careful who I make

 friends with. Be careful who I talk to. If they can’t speak to me with

 their mind, I must not tell them I can do it.”

“And what else?” Mommy would emphasize, tuning in her aura so

Becky could see it.

“Look at them carefully to see if they can shine.” Becky would reply

proudly, making her own aura shine brightly in return.

Mommy would then scoop her up in her arms. “Well done, my good

 little girl! They are the only ones you can really trust Becky, never

 forget that.”

Special home! The words struck a powerful cord in young Becky’s

little heart. Still hardly daring to move, still trying so hard to do

exactly what her mommy had told her, she carefully thought. Why can

 you hear what I’m thinking?

Feelings of warmth and a broad smile registered strongly in her mind

 as the voice replied. Aaah, that’s because I’m special like you. Like your

You’re special? Becky thought, still being careful.

A powerful feeling of approval radiated toward her from the

 unknown mind.

Good girl. Your mommy would be very proud that you listened to her. If I could

 just find you, I would give you a big hug to say well done. But the people upstairs

must have tricked me, because they said you were still in bed. You’re not there, all

I can see is the quilt. I know, perhaps you’re hiding in the closet over there.

The sound of his footsteps walking past the bottom of the bed

 toward the single closet in the room caused Becky’s spine to tingle as

 she recognized the game she would play with her mother.

She exerted her farseeing faculty very gently and saw a man dressed

 in black, with pretty stripy things on his sleeves opening the closet

 door. He was shining like the sun, surrounded by gold and dark blue

bands of light, with greens and oranges and reds and purples of

 different shades, all swirling around and around.


He was peering into the almost empty closet now and shaking his

 head sadly.

He turned to a woman still standing by the door, one of the ladies

 who worked there. He winked at her and said, “No, she’s not in here,

 either. Oh well, I shall have to go without her then, what a shame.”

The quilt exploded upward from the bed as little Becky launched

 herself toward his arms, shouting loudly with mind and voice. “No!

 Don’t leave me, here I am.”

Laughing loudly, the man caught her, held her up and looked into her

hopeful face, his eyes shining like two warm suns. “Don’t you ever

worry about that, Becky. You’ll never be alone again. Trust me,

 you’re safe now.”

Becky looked him straight in the eye and simply said, “I know.” She

 snuggled into his chest and held on tight. She felt truly safe for the

 first time since her mommy had had to go away.

About the Author

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Andrew P Weston was born in the city of Birmingham, UK and grew up in the towns of Bearwood and Edgbaston, eventually attending Holly Lodge Grammar School for Boy’s where he was School Captain and Head Boy.

He was an active sportsperson for the school, college and a variety of rugby, martial art, swimming and athletics teams throughout the city.

On graduation in 1977 he joined the Royal Marines fulfilling a number of roles both in the UK and abroad.

In 1985 he became a police officer with the Devon & Cornwall Constabulary, and served in a variety of uniformed and plain clothed departments until his retirement in 2008.

Over those years, he wrote and illustrated a selection of private books for his children regarding the life of a tiny kitten, called, “The Adventures of Willy Whiskers”, gained further qualifications in Law and Religious Studies, was an active member of Mensa and continued to be an active sportsperson, providing lessons free of charge to local communities.

An unfortunate accident received on duty meant Andrew had to retire early from the police force, but after moving to the sunny Greek island of Kos to speed up his recuperation, he was at last able to devote time to the “Guardian Concept” he had developed over his years in the military and police.

When not writing, Andrew enjoys Greek dancing and language lessons, being told what to do by his wife, Annette, and hunting shadows in the dark.

Andrew is now contracted to Pagan Writers Press for two books.

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