Friday, October 5, 2012

Book Review: Flat-Out Love by Jessica Park

Flat-Out LoveFlat-Out Love by Jessica Park
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really wanted to do this review right, by making a "Flat-Kenya" and posting it within my review.

What is a Flat-Kenya?
Read the damn book!


I've waited a long time to read this book because of all the one star reviews on Goodreads. Finally, one day I took the time to read the damn reviews and what did I find.... the reviews aren't even about the book. lol. They're about the author being an AssHat and argueing with reviewers on a book that she didn't write.

That sucks on both fronts because I'm sure the readers were annoyed by the events AND I bet the author may regret the behaviour, BUT let's not take it out on the BOOK!

Why not?

Because this book ROCKED!!!!!!

After the first chapter I slung the book between my greedy thighs and I went to town!

Oh yeah, baby!

I humped it!!
With each chapter, a cold literary lust of sensations saturated my brain!

You don't even want to know what I did to the book when my husband and kids left the house for the day.

You would think that sex was in this book.... but not one Sex Scene! And

Sick right?

Don't blame me. Blame the author.

The concept of the book gave me a literary boner!

I mean seriously this is why people pick up books, to be transported in the irregular and captivated by a story that incites many emotions.


I loved the facebook status updates. I saw some readers didn't like it.
News Flash: YOU SUCK!

And if you choose not to read this book because the author was (or still is) an AssHat, then fine. We all have our rights.

As an author, I think it was a wrong move on her part. Sadly, I'm a reader first and always have been! I just love to read good books not question the author of the book's personal life and choices. Granted, I have three kids so I'm too busy to care, but with all the garbage out there on the NY Times List, Amazon Bestseller's list, etc.....

Don't you want to read a book that incites you to HUMP IT?

Additionally, I've had many authors contact me and bitch about the bad book review that I gave them so I get why people are annoyed. I was also told an author read my bad review of their book out loud during a convention. Oh Well. But I don't think I'm going to not read a book because of a situation that is not directly related to me. At least those are my thoughts for now. We all have our own personal opinions and choices to make.

Either way! I can't wait to read a new humpable book!

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