Friday, October 19, 2012

Are you a Dream Worker?

Hello Fantasy Floozies!
Author Meredith Smith is here to discuss dreams and how to use & control them for your own needs. Personally, after reading this post I know I will be dreaming differently tonight! Many of my books come from a dream or nightmare, so for me I was really interested i what Meredith had to say.

Also check out her awesome book:

Are you a Dream Worker?

Many dreamers have the gift of medium-ship -- while their physical body sleeps their soul astral travels through the realms of dreams, those parallel dimensions in which dreamers encounter spirits, guides, angels, and all types of unearthly 'beings', (some familiar and others unfamiliar to all of us). These dreamers are able to be present in their remote viewing experiences, tapping into that which is unseen to the naked waking eye.  These dream encounters, from realms beyond our waking, offer messages of importance and healing for us, for the living, from the deceased, and for those who are both familiar and unfamiliar to us.  

The beauty of our dreams enhances as we begin to explore our own desires, as we start listening to our intuition, and we allow to manifest the best parts of ourselves through the healing process we find our DreamWorkers and Dream Guides guide us through.

Have you ever wondered why certain dreams feel more intense and wildly vivid then others? Have you ever woken up exhausted after a good night’s rest? Do those dream characters feel real to you? Who are those so called dream characters anyway? Does the thought of perceiving the people or beings you encounter as “manifestations of yourself” feel slightly absurd? More than likely you have astral travelled to a parallel world, that we all are capable of reaching within our dream state -- to exist on a level as our truest selves. These are realms where we are able to tap into the consciousness of each other’s whole being, and telepathically communicate.

DreamWorkers: Behind the Veil; Night Shift Dreams lifts the veil we have created, no longer letting the veil hang shut. Once we peer behind the veil we find our individual selves seeking out what we have grown to know is the impossible; and in turn find the most amazing happenings manifesting through unconditional love and radiant light.  Within this dream state of our physical and mental bodies sleeping, our soul begins to soar to new heights; we are in service to others - or others may be in service to us - guiding each other to exist within our true purpose. My DreamWorkers book is meant to assist others in exploring the many realms our dreams take us through, to shed light on our own personal fears that surround death & dying, and to reach out to the many dreamers whose existence lies on the thin boundary between waking and dreaming. Dream advice: Next time you encounter someone in your dream, ask them “Are you here to help me? Or is it my guidance you are in need of?”

Where do you go at night while your body lays asleep?

DreamWorkers Behind the Veil: Night Shift Dreams is available at OakLight Publishing, Amazon (in print or Kindle version), and at Barnes & Noble (in print or for the Nook).

BLOG: I Speak In Dreams

Meredith is an intuitive reader of dreams, images, spirits, and energy-- with her specialized training entwined with her own natural gifts -- she believes that dreams are pieces to our personal soul's journey past, present, & future.

She guides each dreamer through the process of putting together symbolic images of their amazing magical travels through the astral realms. She teaches each dreamer to identify messages to receive and give, to recognize one's spirit guides, and to communicate with others (living, deceased, spirits, and unearthly beings) all while dreaming.

I am a dream translator, a dream intuitive, a dream traveler, a spirit rescuer, an empath, and an energy healer..... I Speak In Dreams.


  1. Meredith Thanks so much for coming on and telling us about dream working!

  2. Thank you Kenya & Alicia for letting me share with all your readers about Night Shift Dreams!