Wednesday, July 31, 2013

How to be Team Both: Shooting Scars Book Review

I give it 

First Line:  "You wanted me to catch you, didn't you?" Javier's voice cut into my thoughts like a drill.

This was a high octane ride on a motorcycle while doing heroin...

Not that I've ever driven a motorcycle or. . .did heroin, but dude....

This book rocked!!!

There were times when I was just like. . .


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The book is told in two P.O.V.'s through Ellie and Camden's views. 

I've read book one as well as the pre-quel:

Book Two

Meanwhile, I've become hard-core card-carrying Team Members!

I'm Team Javier


Team Camden

So after reading this book, what team am I on????

I mean the whole novel, I literally loved both men!

I'm confused. First I hate Javier, then I'm mad at Camden, then I'm pissed at Javier, then I'm.....just so so so confused. . . 

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Even now. . .I still don't know.

There will be a BOOK THREE people! Yes!

Okay so as to not give away anything. . .by 25% of the book I said, "Fuck it! I'm Team Both!!!" 

Can you even be Team Both?

Hell yes!!


 photo both_zpsb72db64a.jpg

And what is wrong with Team Both, anyway?

I had no idea what Ellie was even going to do. . .

I will say that I was hoping for a little. . .


I mean would it be so wrong for Camden to put down his gun, Javier put down his guns (and tell all of his men to stand down), and they just get to some Hot, Passionate hot man love happening??


You'll have to read the novel to see what Ellie decides because if I further analyze Ellie's situation with Javier and Camden, there will be some major spoilers happening.

Regardless, this book rocked!

It was unpredictable,
heart pumping action,
hot sex scenes (although I wish there were more),
and just a great sequel to Sins and Needles!

I'm telling you. When you read this book, email me and tell me what Team you're on!

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