Wednesday, April 17, 2013

F*** My Eyes, Then My Mind. April

I've been checking out the Amazon Romance Best Sellers' list, wondering why books get to the top, and even more important, why I buy these books. 

Here's my five things for this month on why particular books. . .possibly hit the list!

Note: I'll be doing this monthly because I'm addicted to covers.

1-Men who don't know how to button their shirts!

#1 on Amazon Best Sellers 

While I have no complaints whatsoever, I wonder. . .do they know how to put their shirts on, or are they simply taunting us?

#2 on Amazon Best Sellers

NOTE: I read "Real." It's pretty good if I must say so myself. 

#59 on Amazon Best Sellers

In all fairness, this seems to be a hooded vest combination. . .granted. . .where and when does one wear something like this? 

Is he considering going to the park for a little sword play, pauses at the coat rack, and thinks, "Hmmm. It looks like it might rain. I'm going to throw on my hooded sleeveless vest. That way, I can get my muscles wet, but keep my hair in tact."

2- Kiss me laying down!


I love how lots of the covers have the models' mouths parted. I'm just hoping their breath is okay so the other model doesn't have to endure rugged halitosis.


Apparently, if you can get two hot models laying down on a bed and kissing, you just might get the attention of readers. 

However, this never happens in my. My husband and I have four kids. We tend to have to sneak around to get kisses and any other delicious moments in.

If my sex life was a book cover, it would be a couple hiding in a closet, desperately trying to put certain things and particular places. 

The title would be, "Hurry the Kids are Watching My Little Pony!"



3- Why wear a shirt when I have muscles to keep me warm?

Hey. . .I won't lie. 

If I see a few well placed abs on a cover, then I may auto buy it. 



I'm not perfect! Don't judge me!

I could do this all day so I only picked a few hunks!


4- Crack isn't Wack after all!

There wasn't a whole lot of yummy bottoms. I'm more mentioning this so that we can see some trending of muscle butts. Let's make it happen people!

#36 This is just enough crack without overwhelming us.

I'm actually not sure if this is a woman's butt or man's or even what is happening in this picture. I don't really even know what this book is about just from looking at it. Perhaps, this is a western.  *shrugs

5- The Anti-Person Movement still goes STRONG!

I would say that for me, Fifty Shades of Grey started the movement. I'm sure I'm either right or wrong, but this is part my blog so. . .I'll just say I'M RIGHT, bitches!

I must say that just like the muscular man on a cover, if I see some weirdly abstract image for an erotic romance, I usually auto-buy.


Well because it usually means, to me, that this is so freakin hot we can't even put a cover of what it represents, baby!

We're just going to put stuff that doesn't make true sense or have any real connection with the book, in order to signal to you and other sick in the head 50 shades fans that, "Yes! This is for you, crazies!"

OKAY! I'm done for this month!

I just love me some book covers and relish in drooling over the best sellers' list! 

I'll see you all next month. However, what are some of you're absolutely favorite covers right now?


  1. I've said this before, but I'll say it again, Kenya, you crack me up. I think this is a cool monthly feature because I know most of us are cover whores. I know I've bought a lot of books because of the hot sexy guy with the unbuttoned shirt.

    1. LOL! I've finally come to the realization this year that book covers are as much a part of the reading experience as the actual story sometimes. Thanks for coming back to us girl! lol.

  2. great blog post...why wear a shirt when I have these muscles to keep me warm book covers get me every time