Friday, March 8, 2013

Finish the Line: Second Rate Chances Blog Tour

I was lucky enough to jump on the Second Rate Chances blog tour. This guest post is different than our usual ones. Today, the book's hero will finish the lines to several ones I post. 

Have fun with it, but first check out this awesome novel that's making several bestseller lists!

Book Summary: Sam wakes up in the hospital expecting to find his girlfriend by his bedside. Instead, he finds a bleached-blond diva, claiming to be his fiancĂ©e, hovering over him. When he learns that he's just woken up from a coma and has lost the last three years of his life, any semblance of stability he thought he had falls down around him. All he wants – all he needs – is Lil.

After countless visits with her shrink and too many sleepless nights waiting for the one man she loves to walk back through the door, Lil wants nothing more than to separate herself from the life she used to have. But the moment Sam smiles at her, Lil knows it's going to take more than self-restraint to stay away.

Second-Rate Chances is about a young man fighting to regain his memory, and the one thing in his life that felt real. A modern-day Samson and Delilah, it's a look at what it means to love and be loved, and to fight though it seems hopeless.

Finish the line... with the novel's hero, Sam!

1- At night I love to. . .
curl around Lil. Sometimes I put my feet on her. She hates it.

2- When I'm enraged, the only thing that will calm me down is. . .
either seeing Lil’s face or playing video games.

3- The scent of lavender reminds me of. . . 
my grandma. She always had lavender in bowls, like potpoori, in her house.

4- I believe love is. . .
something that you you hold on to. Once you’ve got it, you try like
hell to keep it.

5- If I was a superhero my power would be. . .
reading minds. Because let’s face it. While Lil and I have strengthened our communication, women are still a strange
species. So sometimes I’d like to see how the inner workings of her mind works.

6- Love can. . .
enlighten life, but it can also make me stronger. I’m strong because of Lil and her love for me.

7- My dreams are. . .
filled with the days ahead as Lil and I prepare to say I do. And of our children because I know we are going to fill this house full of them.

8- My favorite fantasy novel is. . .
Oh wow. Fantasy right? 
Then I’d be a masked man saving the world from harm. But in my quests I’d find this woman and I’d make her mine. 
And I’d have her night after night. While keeping the mask on.

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People have often told me that I live in a fantasy world. Little did they know, I was building an empire of stories in my head to one day share.

I'm a mother first, a wife second, and a writer third. I'm so thankful to have been given this chance to get my stories out of my head and onto paper.

When I'm not writing, I sell plumbing (no I'm not kidding) and read romances that leave my heart a flutter. I know a ridiculous amount of pop culture information and can quote certain movies word for word. Music drives me to write and to also sing off key.

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