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Book Review & Giveaway: Corporate Affair

Book Summary: A smart, sexy entrepreneur. A wealthy, arrogant ladies’ man set on purchasing her company. And a hot bed of chemistry neither one of them anticipated.

My Review

Favorite Scene:
     Aiden reached out and closed the door behind her. He took her by both arms and turned her until they were face to face. 
     “I don’t want a drink,” he said. “I want you.” 
     He pulled her in to him and held her against his chest. She lay her cheek on the soft cotton of his shirt. The song of his beating heart sounded in her ear. 
     “Please stay,” he said, bending his head to hers.
     Jordan didn’t reply. She answered with her lips, lifting her face to his, seeking his mouth with hers

               This was an easy and FUN read. It took me two days to devour it. The narrative voice flowed with ease. As you can see from the teaser excerpt above, it was a hot page-turner.

               I think that what knocked the book down from five stars to me is that at times I found the plot-line predictable and I just prefer a Darker type of contemporary romance. This novel leaned more on the sweet side. 

                Additionally, Aiden represented the typical hero--playboy, not ready to settle down or take women seriously. I adored that, but I craved more. Let's face it. . .I wanted Aiden to be a DICK! He wasn't. He was a nice playboy. I prefer my playboys to be balancing on the tip of asshole and gentleman (Yes. I'm a sicko). 

                However, Jordan was a fresh new character for this genre. She possessed a spunk that I usually don't see with contemporary romance heroines. I so so so so LOVED that she was a Mother! Loved! Jordan was the reason why I turned the page. I really wanted to see how things would turn out for her.

All and all, grab it if you love a rich guy romance with a strong heroine!

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Linda has written steadily throughout the years, but usually other people’s papers, speeches, or articles for agricultural trade magazines. Her only published work of fiction was a children’s book, “The Copper Angel of Piper’s Mill”, written in 1988 when her children were still small. Now that the kids are out of the house, Linda is writing fiction again, and this time it’s personal! She writes full time and it’s Romance! Her first romance novel, “Small Town Girl” is being published by Omnific Publishing and should be available late summer/early fall of this year.

Linda lives in a romantic stone house in the green mountains of Vermont surrounded by her gardens and her animals who include horses, sheep, cats, dogs, chickens, a parakeet and various wildlife visitors who wander in and out at will. When time permits, she also enjoys sketching and painting.

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