Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Book Review: Against the Ropes

Against the Ropes 
by Sarah Castille

My rating: 


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I mean seriously. Sometimes you see a hot cover like this and wonder if it will match up. . .and it does.

Now this wasn't a perfect book. Let's make that clear right now!!

Things that put me on edge:

**The heroine wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed....if you get my drift.

She wasn't SOOKIE stupid. (that's a whole 'nother level of stupidity).

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But there were times when I was like, come on dude. . .

**The hero was TOO OBSESSIVE at times, verging on me yelling at the book, "Girl! You better get your butt out of there. That man is Cray Cray!!!"

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**ALSO, the debt collectors for her student loans were emotionally and mentally abusive. WTF? I'm paying student loans and I have not had these experiences. Who did she get a student loan from, the mafia?


For me, none of that matters when I'm
1) unable to go to sleep because I HAVE to finish the dang book!

2) waking up my husband at 4am to play out some of the scenes in the dang book!

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