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Alpha Girl Excerpt


A Student/Teacher Paranormal Romance. (NOT Y.A)

Seventeen year old Rose Goldman is highly unpopular in the little town of Halfway. Ever since the 'attack' when she was a little girl, people and animals have been afraid of her. She gets bullied in school, and called 'wet dog' because of the way she smells, despite being extremely hygienic. However, life takes a turn when a new teacher starts at Halfway High. Mr. Stone, the quirky and charismatic English teacher is twice Rose's age, but she feels an unexplainable pull towards him from day one. Despite her better judgement, Rose pursues a friendship with Mr. Stone, who seems unable to stay away from her. What is pulling this unlikely pair together?

Chapter Five Excerpt:

The doors of the library opened, and Mr. Stone entered with a book in his hands. I watched him as he placed it into the ‘returns’ chute at the front desk. I wanted to call out to him, but I was still embarrassed about our last encounter. He must have felt my eyes upon him because his gaze suddenly slid towards me.
The grin that broke across his face was heart melting. He was usually smiling but this was different; he looked genuinely pleased to see me.
He crossed the library, walking towards the desk I was sitting at.
‘Catching up on homework?’ he asked.
I nodded, swallowing hard, as if something was stuck in my throat, preventing me from talking.
‘What are you working on?’ he asked.
I looked down at the textbook that was sprawled in front of me. ‘Math,’ I said.
‘Ah. I’m afraid I can’t help you there,’ he smiled. ‘Math was never my strong suit.’
‘Me either,’ I sighed, leaning back in my chair. ‘I’m terrible at it.’
‘I’m sure you’re not that bad,’ he said, leaning on the back of a chair.
I rifled through my papers, pulling out my most recent math test. I handed it to him and he looked down at the grade written in big red letters.
‘D minus,’ he read. ‘Okay, so maybe you are terrible at it.’
I laughed. ‘It just doesn’t stick with me,’ I admitted.
‘Maybe if you didn’t daydream so much,’ he said, handing the test back to me.
‘I don’t daydream,’ I lied.
He cocked an eyebrow, his expression sardonic. ‘You get this glazed look over your eyes all the time. Sometimes I worry you’re having a stroke.’
I rolled my eyes and continued packing up my books. As I slung the bag over my shoulder, Mr. Stone looked around to make sure we were alone.
‘Can I give you a ride home?’ he asked.
My knees felt weak. ‘Are you sure that’s wise?’
‘Everyone has gone home for the day,’ he replied. ‘I’ll drive around the corner and you can meet me there.’
There was something about his desire for secrecy that made my skin prickle. ‘Okay,’ I agreed.
I left the library before Mr. Stone, who exited a few paces behind me. He walked towards the teacher’s car park as I exited through the front gates.

About the Author:

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Kate was born in Enfield, London in 1989, but has lived in Wollongong, Australia for most of her life. Now working full time as an independent author, Kate has published five novels in the last 18 months.
Her fifth novel ‘Alpha Girl’ is a paranormal romance that explores a complicated a student/teacher relationship.

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