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Top Ten Interracial Romance List

When I take a few days off from writing to read, I go to several trustee people for book advice. One of them provided an awesome Interracial Romance list for me, so I had to share. 

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Marcia's Top 10 Romances 
(not necessarily in this order)

by Marcia Walkerdine

These are my top ten.  This is not an exhaustive list and I deliberately choose stories that were not a part of a series.  I love these stories because they demonstrate that even broken, desperate men and woman can be touched and healed by love.

My forum home is Interracial Romance Readers  where we love to share recommendations of good IR/MC stories.  Please join me there where you will find literally hundreds more recommendations for great Interracial /Multicultural love!

Book 1  - Lyon on a Leash by Erosa Knowles

Every woman should experience the love of an Alpha submissive man at least once in her life. Although there is a Dom/Sub theme to the story it really is not about that, this story is about how Marcus Lyon loves Vera Knight and demonstrates this in all his actions towards her.  I love this story!

Book 2 –Monster by Francette Phal

Dominic is truly a tyrant for sure, he is oppressive, a dictator, bully, ultimate Alpha male and truly damaged from his background, a very hard and complex man.  He needs the love and understanding of a good woman that woman is Eve.  I love this story because it shows of how true love redeemes Dominic!

Book 3 – Whatever He Wants by Eve Vaughn

James Rothschild another damaged Alpha male who needs to be loved unconditionally.  Noelle Greene is the woman who gives him all her love to which he is blind to and does not see it until it is nearly too late.  Then he has to work hard to redeem himself in her eyes.

Book 4 - Kiss of Ice by Lavender Parker

Annata St James is as hard as they come, she is the Alpha female and Christophe Van der Kind is the man who loves her with his heart, body and soul and then some. I just could not believe how much this man loved this woman.  Again a demonstration of how unstoppable true love is and how it conquers all barriers in the end.

Book 5 – Tempting Mr Parker by Delilah Hunt

Shakara is a stripper and Cade makes a judgement about her based on this fact alone whilst trying to come to terms with his feelings for her. Cade is an Alpha male with lots of attitude  Their love has to overcome great barriers in order for them to be together.  Short story but powerful and intense in my opinion.  

Book 6 - Her Russian Billionaire by Theodora Taylor

Alexei Rustanov and Eva St. James story.  They were in love with each other and had nothing to their names but they had each other.  Then one day Eva vanishes with no explanation and breaks Alexi’s heart, taking her secret with her.  He  wants to break her the way she broke him using all his Alpha badness to do it.  The story is intense and an emotional roller coaster

Book 7 - Second Chances by Delaney Diamond

Renaldo and Sabrina da Silva’s story.  This story will take you on an emotional roller coaster with an Alpha male who believes his love has been betrayed by the woman he loves with his whole heart and soul.  Sabrina does not know how she could have betrayed the man she loves and still loves even when he is cold and bitter towards her and wants nothing to do with her ever again.  Sabrina has to lay it all down to win back her man.

Book 8 - Black Butterfly by Sienna Mynx

Nolen Adams and Sydney Allen’s story.  Nolen is an Alpha male who does not know the meaning of the word no.  He wants Sydney who rejects his advances. This in turn cause Nolen to pursue her relentlessly which pursuit not only impacts on Sydney’s life but the lives of her friends and test their friendships to the max.  Intense and emotionally roller coaster story.

Book 9 – Gents 4 Ladies by Dez Burke

Tiana and Jordan’s story.  This story is funny, very romantic and an intense but sweet read.  This again is an unusual twist to a romantic story that had me gripped.  Tiana thinks she is going on a date with a male escort to attend a wedding.  What happens after is truly amazing love story, in my opinion.  

Book 10 - Beast by Pepper Pace

This a beautiful portrayal of the Beauty and the Beast story, Ashleigh and Christopher’s story.  Ashleigh is your typical big curvy woman who cannot seem to hold onto a man and Christopher is the man with the disfigured face who would not even approach a woman because of how he looks.  A beautiful story of love conquering even physical impairments!

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  1. Interesting list, Marcia. I've read a couple of these and they were good.