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Horror Romance eBook Giveaway! Blood Life'S Video Excerpt!

Blood Life is a vampire/witch thriller full of blood, magic, love,
violence, and sex. The witches and vampires of the fictional
world of the Spectrum have united and created a race of halfbreeds
called the Combined. These are very powerful entities,
but their race has been threatened by a rogue vampire with
very old, powerful blood named Lokee, son of the Great
Witch, Devendra.

This story is about letting Fate play out,
but in all its turmoil, trying to save one woman who will be the
key to saving the Combined. Can the Combined's strongest adversary form an army to
defeat them, or will the power of three keep the race on top?

Centered around the lives of four integral characters, Blood
Life is a fresh and unique paranormal adventure. Meet Devendra,
a powerful witch descended from one of the first lineages;
Lokee, her son and worst enemy; Roman, her friend and companion;
and Alethea, the key to it all. . .

Blood Life is a full-length paranormal horror novel that will
appeal to lovers of paranormal, dark fantasy, horror fiction,
witches, vampires, and supernatural horror.



Growing up in North Beach during the late 70s/early 80s, Gianna Perada fell in love with the written word at the tender age of 7. Her mother bought her a diary that year for Christmas, and instead of using it as a day-to-day ramble-fest, little Gianna used it to pen short stories with dark undertones and clever twists and turns, influenced by two of her favorite TV shows at the time: The Alfred Hitchcock Hour and The Twilight Zone, and her favorite author, Edgar Allen Poe. Along came a fascination with horror films and the supernatural.

She began writing Blood Life roughly 15 years ago and has rewritten it about 100 times since, having trouble letting it go. Working for several years as a copy-editor and book layout designer for small publishing houses and authors, she woke up the morning of March 15, 2012, looked over at her laptop, and finally said, "Today's the day I say goodbye to you." And so she did... she's got four cats, a rat dog, and an overwhelming workload. Working on the prequel to Blood Life, slated for release by Halloween, 2012. Stay tuned.

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ADULT ONLY Post: EROTIC COMICS: The Good and Bad with Creating Them!

(FYI, if you are reading this on my goodreads' blog come on over to the Fantasy Floozie Blog! For some reason, the picture and text formating doesn't translate to goodreads well.)

I have a Kindle Fire. So one night, I'm strolling Amazon searching for some cool comics and graphic novels to put on my device.


I see Little Lorna:

I bought all three and read them.

Granted this type of comic isn't for everybody, but I thought the books were funny.

I immediatly contacted the author. I just had to know what inspired him to create this hilarious series.

So here's the interview with Julio Sinope the creator of the Little Lorna series!

Thanks for dropping by!
The Little Lorna series is a really fun read. Why did you decide to create the books?

Sinope:Thanks.  I'm glad you enjoyed it.  I'm never quite sure if readers would find her adventures a fun read or see it as some sort of sexual exploitation. 

I've been drawing this character for about five years now in a few small five page comics and one day my brother bought me a Kindle.  I've always been a fan of erotic comics and I found the offerings on the Kindle store not quite to my liking as they were mostly frame captures of anime cartoons or comic books with almost unreadable text. 

I guess I figured there may be hole in the kindle market that Little Lorna could fit in if I re-imagined the traditional comic format to suit the Kindle's unique reading format.  Traditional panels make the text and graphics almost unreadable so everything needs to be created with the low resolution of the screen in mind. 

I don't want to get too technical here but the Kindle only displays 16 levels of grey and has a screen resolution lower than most smart phones.  The line work, shading and text needs to be tailored to the screen.  However, the Kindle also has a unique "page flipping" that you don't get when reading a comic on paper.  Since the panels are flipped rather than scanned (as with traditional comic books), it gives you an opportunity to almost animate some panels to tell the story.

What do you think are some of the difficulties with publishing erotic comics?
 Sinope:There seems to be a wide grey area in erotic literature when it comes to the difference between "erotica" and "porn."  When it comes to comics, the grey area is much narrower and constrained.  For example, in erotic literature the writer can mention and describe a man's genitalia and penetration however, when depicted in graphical form, it suddenly crosses deep into the category of "porn."

As the definition of "porn" in the eyes of Amazon is "we'll know it when we see it" one never knows when one has crossed the line.  Unfortunately, I apparently crossed the line a few times in their eyes and had books pulled down.  In Amazon's eyes, I'm a shady smut dealer who is trying to sneak something past their porn net however, I am just learning by trial and error as to what is allowed and forbidden since there are no guidelines spelled out anywhere. 

A book can be accepted as erotica one day and a month later, the same book gets pulled down for being "porn."   It is very frustrating.  Its like being invited to a potluck dinner for people with severe allergies only they don't tell you what the allergies are.  If you get lucky everyone goes home with a with a full stomach. . .if you're unlucky, everyone goes home with their stomach pumped!


What do you think are some of the benefits with publishing erotic comics?

Sinope:   I'm not sure if there are any benefits other than if one is an unskilled writer but a decent artist, you get a little more latitude in the eyes of the reader.  I'm not sure if I can eloquently write a pretty setting or describe a women's wild excitement well enough through words but pictures are worth more than a thousand words in my limited cave man vocabulary.  So I guess my 80 page comics are actually over 80,000 words in length?  What a deal!  Erotic literature that rivals "War And Peace!"

I guess the most obvious advantage is that all guys partake in viewing adult material.  I read a survey done that gave me a chuckle.  They were studying what percentage of men have viewed adult content.  It came back 100.00%.  That means every man (plus or minus a slight margin of error) has viewed porn.  Your dad, the gentry, the mailman, your accountant, your grandfather, the crossing guard, Pres. Barak Obama, Steve Jobs, Dr. Phil. 

You can pretty much assume every man you have met, heard of or seen has intentionally viewed adult material.  Although it is a secretive sort of genre, it is a pretty wide audience. 

Do you plan on doing other types of erotic comics with different main characters?
Sinope: Yes indeed!  Although I am very fond of Little Lorna, I would love to do a period piece like a western or a Victorian age comic or something in the Sci-Fi genre.  I know these have been done to death but I love the erotica done by Von Gotha and Azpiri and there may be a lot of erotic subject matter to explore there. 

The trouble is, that I somehow got it into my head to serialize the comic books and am sort of locked into completing the Little Lorna series before I start on another.  Not that I'm not enjoying drawing Little Lorna's mis-adventures but I suffer from hyper-active creativity and I always like doing new things if it is a new comic series, building furniture, animation, designing cars, fashion, sculpture, webpage design, photography, motorcycle repair, gardening, philosophy ... gah!. 

Its tough to be disciplined when you're an artist but its something I have to learn if I want to continue in this biz.

 I also have some ideas about making erotica in the macabre genre.  Since my drawing style is sort of the  Disneyesque, I think it would be interesting to see how it would translate if the art was lighthearted and cute but the was story dark and twisted.  I'm not sure about this one as I think it would turn off a lot of my readers who like the sexual humor I write into the Little Lorna series.  It may end up being a disaster like Macaulay Culkin playing a psychopath in "The Good Son."  I'll have to think about that one...

How long does it take you to think up a Little Lorna book and then create the artwork?

Sinope:Writing is a long process for me.  It is not that I have the need to meticulous hone each word until it drips like melted chocolate from the page, but more that I can't creatively imagine in a linear fashion as one needs to do when they write. 

I have eight scenes in my head for my next comic "Woman's Work" however the tricky part is putting them in order and wrapping them in an interesting story arch.  I always find it easier for my head to think of the images I would like to create and then wrap a story around them.  Gah!  I may be a "porn" writer after all!
The drawing part comes easy.  At the beginning I'm usually drawing for a couple of hours a day but after a week or so, I'm drawing up to 12 hours.  Not all on the same art but sometimes sketching pages in advance when I get an interesting idea or going though a whole day of inking and shading multiple pages. 

 I imagine that it is an advantage to drawing as opposed to writing as a writer can't write bits of chapter 12, go back to working on chapter four and then polish off chapter 12 again at a later date.  I do have the advantage of roughing out panels far in advance when I get a moment of inspiration and then going back to complete them later on without losing my groove.

 . . .but I digress. . .what was the question again? 
3-4 months

If you want to connect with Julio, check out his links below!

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Movie Tickets Giveaway: I'm Batman. And you can be Batman too!

Okay, you can't really be Batman, since he's the Batman. But you can have free movie tickets to The Dark Knight, courtesy of Two Fantasy Floozies. First, you have to listen to me ramble on about Batman. (Or you could just skip to the bottom.)

This list is by no means exclusive, but let's go through some of the many faces of Batman. Because you can't exactly go into The Dark Knight Rises without knowing the history.

Back in the day there was Adam West, who starred in the original Batman television series.

Give the guy a break.
That was a different era, and he was going for a different effect.

Then there was Michael Keaton, who starred in Batman and Batman Returns.

Very intimidating, yes?

Val Kilmer starred in Batman Forever.

This guy is usually a blond.

I like George Clooney, but the movie...

The public was particularly fond of this movie. Okay, not so much.

And then there was Christian Bale. I just adore Bale as Batman. He's handsome and dark, and he looks like he could totally kick someone's ass while being all dark and brooding. At the same time, he pulls off the Bruce Wayne playboy thing. I know the credit doesn't all go to Bale, but I loved the last two Batman movies.

The Fantasy Floozies approve!

To see Christian Bale as the goddamned Batman, enter the giveaway below! *Winner will receive a $25 Fandango gift certificate.

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Did Kat Kennedy Bully Me?

Recently, there have been some false claims about Kat Kennedy.

I don’t know about other authors’ experience, but my email exchanges with her, discussions on Goodreads, and the review she did for my book was excellent.
So I had to ask myself . . . Why was Kat Kennedy nice to me, but an alleged villain and bully to others.
Was Kat attempting to suck up to me due to my celebrity status? Lol.
  • Well . . . I am no celebrity, especially when compared to her. Her online platform makes my online platform look like a limp penis. Thousands upon thousands of people are fans of her reviews and guest post! Whereas my mother hasn’t even read my book or followed my blog.

This leads me to an even bigger question . . . Why the hell did she read my book in the first place?

  • I’m a new, unheard of author that wrote an urban fantasy. The story is unique in some ways, but very similar to most paranormal romances in lots of ways.

So I asked myself:
What if she was bullying me and I simply was too stupid to see it!? Is that even possible?

I had to know!! So I went back to my emails and our Goodreads’ exchanges to really analyze whether I was bullied by Kat.
(Disclaimer: Kat did give me permission to post these exchanges.)

Evidence of Possible Bullying #1

Kat Kennedy said,
Goodreads message. Feb 17, 2012
My email address is (Kat’s Email address was hidden).

An eBook is fine. It's expensive to send print copies to me.

I honestly apologize. I do get a lot of review requests but I would have remembered one from you and helped to promote your book.

Analytical Results:
What a mean, vile person! Clearly this is a reviewer that authors should stay away from! Here she is not only willing to review my book, but is making sure that I don’t spend too much money sending it to her.

That’s awesome! Especially since some bloggers are adamant that they won’t review eBooks and demand print copies.

Evidence of Possible Bullying #2

Email on Feb 22, 2012

Kat Kennedy
Feb 22
to me

Thank you so much, Kenya!

I'll be starting your book soon.  I take being sent ARCs very seriously.  These aren't protected files so I wanted to ask your permission to forward to my coblogger Stephanie.    Generally, if we both like a book then we review it and do an author interview to publicize it.  If one of us doesn't like it then we do a review war.  If you're not comfortable with that - then I'm happy to be the only one who reads and reviews it.

I'm glad you enjoyed the video!  Hope all is well.


Analysis Results:

OH MY GOD! Did you see how she is trying to intimidate me? (And I say that with mock sarcasm just in case you didn’t get that . . . internet sarcasm is so hard to execute).

Let me tell you something that has happened to me and others. I’ve signed, sent my book to bloggers, and seen the signed book sold on eBay later. Another created a torrent out of it.

Giving a blogger an ARC can be a scary situation, if you give it to an unethical blogger. Clearly, Kat and her blog the cuddlebuggery are not unethical

Evidence of Possible Bullying #3

Kat Kennedy's Reviews > Fire Baptized

Kat Kennedy's Profile Picture
Kat Kennedy's review of Fire Baptized
Mar 21, 12 
Read on March 19, 2012

This is not a book I’m happy about review­ing, because I really wanted to like it and its rat­ing doesn’t truly reflect its quality.

You know how you love some­thing like ice cream (note: I don’t like ice cream) and so you eat lots and lots of it.  Then one day you pick up your favourite ice cream and it looks extra sump­tu­ous.  Even though there is noth­ing wrong with that ice cream, and even though it’s just like every other ice cream you’ve bought, you just sud­denly can’t stom­ach it.

That was my read­ing expe­ri­ence with Fire Bap­tized.  Don’t mis­take the three star review.  This is a well-written book with a very inter­est­ing, lik­able cast of char­ac­ters.  Fans of Para­nor­mal Romance will prob­a­bly eat this right up and love it.  In fact, many, many do.

I got this book very, very excit­edly because Wright was not only an author who com­poses her­self amongst the review­ing and read­ing com­mu­nity with excel­lent man­ners, but the very syn­op­sis was intrigu­ing.  I WAS INTRIGUED, I SAY!  Bloody intrigued.  Fas­ci­nated.  Prac­ti­cally slob­ber­ing to get my greedy lit­tle paws on it and take it for a roll in the metaphor­i­cal read­ing hay.

But I’ve gorged myself, you see. After tak­ing so many oth­ers to my not-so-metaphorical-bed (that’s where I read!  Get your mind out of the gut­ter), I just found that I couldn’t do it again.  For now, I’ve had my fill of para­nor­mal romance for now and, unfor­tu­nately, I just didn’t real­ize that until I started this one.

Despite being rea­son­ably well-written with fresh, dif­fer­ent char­ac­ters, there was enough sim­i­lar to the for­mula to make an engorged para­nor­mal fan­tasy book worm grab her tummy and reach for the pepto bis­mal.  From the intensely alpha males to the mys­tery that can only be inves­ti­gated by the heroine.

On a per­sonal level, I’ve just read too many sim­i­lar things too often before.  BUT on a purely objec­tive level, I really can’t fault Fire Bap­tized or Wright.  It’s not her fault I’m the floozy of the PNR read­ing world, that the glam­our of the illicit para­nor­mal smoochies has ebbed.
It’s not you, Fire Bap­tized, it’s me.

Can we still be friends?

Oh, by the way.  Did any­one else know that the angry, flam­ing woman on the cover is wear­ing a bikini or has years of heavy drink­ing and ram­pant book-promiscuity (read­ing at night!) destroyed my vision?  You know, it’s nice to know that in the midst of burn­ing, heinous, fury-fire of epic pro­por­tions, she still thought to wear a nice bikini.  And she has an excel­lent brazil­lian.  At least I think it is, but there’s only so much burn­ing crotch you can look at to deter­mine these things before peo­ple start think­ing you’re crazy.   

 Oooooooohh­h­h­h­hhh! You know, I bet she’d be MARVELOUS at a barbecue!

Yeah, okay, I just crossed the line.

Analysis Results:
Gee . . . I may need to flag this review for bullying . . . NOT! Lol! I think that was an outstanding review. I mean truly better than my own reviews to books. I would have been harsh.

You can tell that although Kat didn’t enjoy the book as much as she thought she would, she took a great amount of care and respect with reviewing it.

My only problem with this review was Kat’s lack of respect for ice cream. WTF? How do you not like ice cream?

But let’s rewind all of this and create an

alternate world where Kat did give me a bad


Let’s pretend like she filled the review with gifs of people taking a crap and then said that those gifs were better than my book. Let’s say she also called me a moron with the brain size of a peanut and recommend that I never write again.

None of that would matter.

It would all just be her opinion.

So why didn’t she supposedly attack or bully me?

This is a guess . . . and only a guess, but maybe she isn’t a bully OR maybe it was because I didn’t attack and bully her to the point where she believed she had to defend herself.

I’m just saying. . .

So DEAR Authors that believe they are bullied on Goodreads,

Watch this video by Lauren DeStefano. She has the best advice for us all (well after my Bad Reviews and Orgasm plan).

Lauren DeStefano discusses the perils of the Goodreads's site

The Obsidian Lesson: What Jennifer Armentrout Taught Me.

{Disclaimer: Alicia and I don't know and have never met Jennifer Armentrout. We also have no connection to Entangled Publishing. We were not asked to do a blog on this. I'm just obsessed with Obsidian's marketing.}

Look at these covers:

If YOU haven't seen those covers this summer, then you don't frequent popular Book Blogs, Twitter, Goodreads, and Facebook.

Everywhere I looked this hot couple was there!

Many readers and bloggers used the cover as profile pictures on their social media sites. Some people just took pictures of holding the book. Others did listopias of the cover models! Check this out!

 (FYI, not only are these two cover models gorgeous but they have the nerve to be happily engaged! As if being so freaking hot wasn't enough!)

Anyway back to the insane exposure of Obsidian! I mean seriously. The covers were everywhere. One week I literally counted how many times I saw the cover. . . 47.5 times.

Why the half?
Because I'm not sure if it was even an Obsidian cover, but it was definitely the hot guy!

So, why am I talking about this?

Because Holy Shit! That's awesome! How did Jennifer Armentrout or her publishing company Entangled, gather so much exposure for this series? How can I learn from them?

I came up with Conspiracy Theories:


Maybe Entangled paid thousands of bloggers to make the book their profile. . .some sort of GENIUS VIRAL MARKETING PLAN! Maybe they even secretly contacted thousands of these bloggers and offered $100 or more to pretty much flood the Internet with these book cover images.

But then I did the math and threw that theory in the trash. I mean wouldn't that cost so much money for the company that they wouldn't make a profit off her books?


These aren't real people! Jennifer Armentrout created thousands of facebook, twitter, and goodreads accounts. She made her covers the profile picture. She sat there updating these accounts all summer, never sleeping, constantly drinking Red Bull and Venti Blonde Roasts from Starbucks!

That's just a stupid theory.


So last week I did what many readers did this summer, I bought Obsidian! I had to see what all of the fuss was about.

What did I think of Obsidian?

Great writing? -->Check!
Captured my attention? --> Check!
Well developed characters? --> Check!

. . .but before you say, "Okay, Kenya. Get Armentrout's vagina out of your mouth! Stop sucking up!"

Sadly, I ended up not finishing the book. It just reminded me of Twilight. It was by no means Twilight. There were obvious differences, but for me it was reminiscent of my favorite series (Team Jacob, btw).

So I had to go right back to the drawing board to figure out, Why is this book everywhere? 

So I did what any normal, healthy-minded person would do. . .

I online stalked Jennifer Armentrout!!

I'm talking google alerts, reading her blog, checking out her interviews, sneaking into her home and smelling the underwear in her drawer than jumping under the bed when she comes home too early. . . . . 

Anyway, I may not love Obsidian, but I definitely have some sort of weird female-crush on Armentrout. I even plan on reading her other series

And that's when it HIT ME! All the answers swarmed to my head. All of the mysteries of the Obsidian marketing campaign just flew to me.

And we can all learn from Jennifer on how to have a successful book too!

Here it is the secret to her success! (BHAHAHAHAHAHA)

  • Its a good book!
Sadly, there just isn't any cutting corners on that part. The cover provides a captivating and eye-catching image. Everything from her narrative voice to grammar is outstanding. There aren't any grammatical errors, plot holes, switching of genre in the middle of the book, info dumps, etc.

  • She doesn't shit on her readers!
Yep, again.
Apparently, not cursing out people who dislike her book has worked out for Jennifer. And there are definitely people who have considered the Lux series to be similar to the Twilight series.

Did she immediately tell the bad reviewers how wrong they were? Did she provide them with a comparative essay titled "You are a Moron Reviewer, My Book is so Different from Twilight, Cockburger!" Nope. She just continued to write more books and blog posts.

She didn't even post diagrams or charts or. . . dare I say begin a movement to take down the violent GR reviewer system.

Nope. All of Armentrout's shitting is in her bathroom (and its a lovely bathroom too. . .).

  • Her Blog and Website is BANGING!! (Banging means Good in old 1995's talk)
The website doesn't take a hundred years to load up. The site doesn't say, "Buy My Book! Buy Me! Buy Me!"

It says, "Come! Join the experience. Here's a glass of tea. The cookies are in the corner. The bathroom is down the hall. Browse around and make yourself at home."

She provides great information that truly lures you in:

 Meet Pepe and Sztella

Behind the Scenes Footage

Sneak Peek of Laptop Scene

  • COOL Personality.
Check out one of the questions in her FAQ section:

FAQ Question: Do you think I'm cool?

Her Answer: I think you rock, home skillet. 

  • Entangled is a BAD ASS publishing company!! (Bad Ass means Awesome!)
On this page, the company breaks down what they give authors. These are the cool things that caught my eye.

A dedicated promo budget and publicist assigned to every book, who will create a personalized marketing plan as well as manage the details of putting all of the pieces together. We don’t just point you toward promotion opportunities, we create them.

Lots of publishing companies say things like this. . .but with the exposure that Obsidian has received, I believe that Entangled is actually telling the truth! Bravo!

So? What have we learned today, besides the fact that I may need some sort of counseling in stalking?

Answer: In order to be a successful writer you need a good book, not to harass your reviewers, awesome online presence, a rocking publishing company, AND a Hot, Sexy couple from Hungary that doesn't mind posing for your book series.

Check Out The Awesome Book Trailer!

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Cover Model Interview: Kaden James

This past weekend, the gods aligned with the moon and mystical stars! I contacted one of my favorite book cover models, Kaden James. He immediatly replied and was willing to do an interview with the floozies!

How cool is that? He even gave me a shout out on facebook for my birthday! He's absolutly a class act!

 Bestselling Book Covers he's been on:


Kaden James became MTV's Featured artist in late 2011. He was the only unsigned artist to host the show New Now Next, Poplab. An honor bestowed on some of the biggest stars in music including Rihanna and Lady Gaga.

His music has been featured on the most recent instalment of MTV's Real World: Las Vegas. Two of his songs were on the last two episodes of MTV's The Hills, including the series finally. He has the theme song to Logo's The A-List New York and the new Dallas.

Kaden's video for "A Boy Like Me" was featured on Spike TV and He has just landed the theme song to a new show called "The Audition."

Kaden has also appeared in Angelino Magazine, Music Connection Magazine, and as a spokes person/model for Sexy Hair, Wet Cement, Aniki Jeans, Rudsak and Java J Bar.

The Interview

1- You were on The Secret Circle book covers and Timekeeper by Alexandra Monir. How did you get involved with those projects?

Hi Kenya, first of all thanks for this opportunity to be featured on your blog!

 I was a was approached to be on the cover of The Secret Circle after photographer Chad Michael Ward saw some of my photos online taken by Gerry Garcia. Then a year or so later Chad was about to shoot the cover of the Timekeeper and the art director submitted my photo not even realizing Chad had worked with me so it all worked out great!

Growing up, I never imagined I would get opportunities like this because I was an awkward teenager and always more of a writer myself. I would write my own songs for talent shows and scripts that my friends and I would act out drama class.

 2- Are you a big reader? If so, what’s your favorite genre and author?

When I read, it's usually something spiritually fulfilling. I don't have a lot of time to read but I keep a few inspiring books around. I also read a lot of news and try to keep up with whats going on in the world.

I have some exciting news I can share with you right now. . .I'm currently writing a book series. I started working on over a year ago it's called Flawed. It's a story that came to me one day while I was sitting at the beach, hit me like lighting and I knew the universe had given me a gift.

I had to share this story with the world. I have let the coming-of-age, sci-fi, fantasy flow without rushing it but I am now ready to start looking for a publisher.

If you know any good ones send them my way! Ha ha!

3-You are way more than a book cover model. You’ve done several fashion shows and campaigns. You’re also a singer and song writer.  Your music was played on the final two episodes of MTV’s The Hills. Your song “A Boy like Me” was the theme song for the show “The A-List: New York and Dallas.”

How did you become a song writer?

Writing has always been a big part of my life. My mind has so many thoughts rushing through it at all times so sitting in a quiet space and concentrating on a story has always been my favorite escape. I've written poems since I was very young and then those poems quickly became lyrics to songs.

When I write a song I always see visuals to go with it which makes me always want to shoot music videos, so I write up those concepts too. The writer within me has organically evolved from writing poems, to songs, to blogs, to music video treatments, to tv concepts and now to my first book series. Writing has always felt right. It comes naturally, like breathing.

4- What are some of the things that inspire your music?

 Anything can inspire a song. For instance I might see an incredible tree and I will look up and think about all that this tree has faced, droughts, fires, floods, years of holding up it's own weight and then I will use that tree as a metaphor for strength and have the story grow with that tree.

Inspiration can be found all around us.

We just have to keep our eyes open and not be afraid to share it.

5- What are some new projects you’re currently working on?

Well I am currently working on new music and have EP titled "Live Fearless" being released soon. We have shot two new music videos for my songs "First Love" and "Black Light" which are in editing and coming out sometime next month.

I'm seeking a record deal so that I can go out on tour and put on a great show for my fans.

I'm shopping two television concepts, writing songs for other artists, and continuing to write the first book in the Flawed series. I am very excited about the future and I hope that you will join me on this journey!

Kenya, thanks again for this opportunity and I hope you and your readers will continue to follow your dreams and Live Fearless.

Model Mayhem Bio:
Not the stereotypical model, I'm a grounded guy who wakes up everyday thankful for the people and blessings in my life. I believe that when you are given so many opportunities, it's your responsibility to give back so I try to do as much charity work and fund raisers as I can. So don't be shy, hit me up with anything like that. get told my look is diverse/ I can be all American, edgy, also that European looking, and I'm even having one client use me in a Latin magazine. The truth is I was put up for adoption as a baby and I never knew my parents so I'm not entirely sure what I am when it comes to race and that's fine with me/ I embrace all races and have a love for travel and culture. So look at me as a canvas that you can push any way you like. 
 I started modeling by chance, a few photographers liked my look and wanted to shoot me. I used the shots we took for my music promos and then got hit up by some local LA designers. I love art and thought, why not? I have been using the money I make to fuel my music ever since.

Business contact: